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Completed my W30 (well really W34) and I'm a whole new woman!


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I’m a foodie, an overweight foodie.  And being overweight has never been a big enough motivation for me to permanently change my eating habits because, as a foodie, I didn’t want to give up mind blowing delicious food.


Then in my late 30s I developed a host of medical problems.  Overweight, uterine fibroids, anxiety, mental health issues, severely aching joints, all year long ‘seasonal allergies’, mysterious mouth rashes, bloating, IBS symptoms, chronic illness, asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, tired all the time, lower back pain and finally in January at age 40 I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and was told I had severe arthritis.  This was apparently why I couldn’t kneel down or take the stairs.  I also kept experiencing rare issues that ‘less than 2% of the population gets (according to my doctors) such as a tooth that disintegrated for no reason, infections and a whole host of conditions that were labeled as ‘auto immune responses’.  There is more, but the bottom line is that my body was failing me and I knew it but felt powerless to fix it.


So here I am 40 years old, having a hard time getting out of bed and walking in the morning due to muscle aches and joint stiffness.  I’m on more meds that I can count and I need a pill organizer.  And honestly I just get scared that if I’m this bad at 40 I’m going to be in wheel chair by 50 and I don’t even want to think about 60! 


I’ve tried diets before, some even successfully, but again as a foodie, weight was never a big enough reason for me to change.  But facing the fact that at 40 I felt doomed to thrive or have a healthy life, and I just didn’t want to be in pain anymore, I started actively searching for an answer to my ailments.  Several health care practitioners suggested I go Paleo but after a short bout of trying it I gave up.  Then Whole 30 was introduced to me by a friend.  I bought both books, read them cover to cover and prepped for my W30 for 6 weeks!  I re-did my pantry, planned my first weeks’ meal plan and emotionally came to terms with my fears and resistance about giving up so many things for 30 days.  In the end I said, ‘it’s just 30 days and I’m not making any promises past that!’


Those 30 days went by like a flash!  Sure the first few days were difficult but after that my health improved so much that I felt like I was thriving and healthy for the first time in years.  And I never gave up my foodie ways – I just shopped weekly off my menu plan and tried all kinds of new and amazing recipes that my family gobbled up!  It felt like I had found my calling.

I’m happy to say that I completed my Whole 30 and after re-introduction will be doing another round with several family members.  And I fully intend to adopt a Paleo lifestyle.  All the ailments I listed above are GONE!  Poof vanished just like that!  And I mean ALL of them.  And the best news is that my cravings and emotional attachments are mostly gone as well.  I feel like a whole new woman and I can move around, bend, jump up and down, run up and down the stairs and feel great!  I joined the gym and took up swimming again – nothing crazy just making sure I move several times a week in a way that is fun for me.  I now enjoy being outside, gardening, hiking and I look forward to exercising with my friends and family.  I don’t worry about being the person that can’t keep up with others.  Whole 30 is nothing short of a miracle but the bigger miracle is I did this work and healed myself.  Without this program I feel like I would have no hope for a healthy or happy future. 


And one embarrassing/amazing confession: I used to go to the grocery store and really judge people’s shopping carts while waiting in line.  Especially the people with all the fresh produce and lack of packaged foods and sugary treats.  I’d look at those carts and think “wow how boring, I’d rather be overweight and be able to eat tasty stuff than have to be like that!”  Well guess what?  Today at Whole Foods while checking out I realized that the cart I used to be jealous of was now my cart!  And it’s so NOT BORING!  I now have the relationship with food that I never thought possible and the health that comes along with it. 


And in case you are wondering, I dropped 13 pounds along the way.  Although the other health benefits far outweigh the weight loss.  I know that weight will continue to come off as I pursue this new lifestyle and that works perfectly for me.


Thank you WHOLE 30 and thank you Melissa and Dallas Hartwig for inspiring me with a program that can provide all the health and wellbeing that was missing in my life.

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How fantastic!!! You should be so proud of how well you've done! Spending the extra time to do your homework and prepare ahead of time really helped you commit to your whole30, and to achieve inspiring results!

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