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Start Date: October 1st (Too Early to Start Planning?)


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Hello Community! 


I really want to do this, but my travel schedule from now through September is incredibly all over the place.


If I want to start on October 1st, when do you recommend I begin planning? 


Would love to hear from experienced Whole 30ers!

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Seriously, you can start now by removing a lot of the things that the Whole30 removes... try less sugar/no sugar in your coffee, coconut milk instead of dairy, bean-less chili etc... the more you work on removing things now, the much much better you'll feel when you start in October and really commit to the program. You're in a good position to really set yourself up for success... while you're home and able, eat as close to Whole30 as possible... while you travel, notice how you tend to eat, try and make the best decisions you can and then in October, go for it!

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