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Whole30 pregnancy style


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I feel like I should post this stuff, since I'm eating this way anyway. Particularly, because when I was pregnant with my first, I wanted so much to just know what pregnant paleo women ate to survive morning sickness. In the end, and because I was so new to paleo, I didn't survive it and wound up eating total garbage. That's not really an option this time around, for a whole list of reasons.

So, because morning (let's just face it, it's all day and night) sickness has set in and I am still eating Whole30, with the addition of some white potato, I might as well post it here. It's probably useful to keep records of what works and what doesn't. And, maybe it will be useful to someone else, or maybe someone will see something in my log and think, "Oh! I know a better way to handle that!"

One can hope! ;)

Ok, we'll count today as Day 0 so I can start my food logging tomorrow. We'll just say I ate Whole30 foods today (a lot of snacking this afternoon) and my stomach hates me!!

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Ok, some ground rules of my Whole30, since it is going to have a some leniency. I'm including white potato and some paleo baked goods (that only have W30 approved ingredients in it). The paleo baked goods will probably only consist of a pumpkin/egg loaf that totally made me feel better when I made it Saturday night. But, that may have been a fluke, so we'll see. At this point in time, I'm just trying to survive and keep my diet healthy. I'm not trying to reinvent a sweet for the sake of sweets. Even typing the word "sweets" makes my stomach turn right now! ;)

Day 1:

B: bone broth and a little bit of cold eggs that had been cooked in coconut oil. I found eating them cold actually made them stay down, hmmm...

S: a little bit of a mild vegetable/beef chili I had leftover

S: leftover chicken wing and broccoli with olive oil

D: a couple bites of salmon and kale, and a bowl of apple sauce. I'm going to try to get some more salmon and kale in me here in a minute.

S: I'm making some of the pumpkin loaf. I made it very bland with almond flour, egg, a little spice and a barely ripe banana. I'm going for texture, not taste on this one!

I'm finding that I have to eat very frequently, and small amounts each time. I can't really say I've had any real meals today, but at least I've gotten three meals worth of food down! The bone broth this morning really helped. I was able to go to the gym and walk/play with my daughter outside for a couple hours with only mild sickness. But, after I ate the chicken and broccoli, I was sick the rest of the day. My husband thinks I should just have bone broth every meal and see how that goes. I'll see if I get desperate enough!

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Well done for doing your whole30 during early pregnancy, I don't think I could have coped though morning sickness on the plan. I always have an aversion to eggs when pregnant, how did you find eggs for breakfast? All I could manage most of my recent pregnancy was fruit, nuts and plain yoghurt.

The bone broth is great, so nourishing. I drank quite a bit early pregnancy too when I couldn't handle much else.

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In my first pregnancy, eggs were a complete no-no. I'm thinking it's going to be the same this time, too. I'm trying to find an alternative with something bland. Bone broth seemed to be helpful, but I don't think it's enough in the morning. It's like I have to eat something solid, even though I feel so sick.

This pregnancy is so weird compared to my first, so far. I have far worse sickness right off the bat (and it is relentless - I get no relief all day and night). Plus, I have very specific food cravings. I didn't have that with my first. My attitude is if I'm going to feel like death anyway, I might as well just eat this way. It's been hard, especially because I have no idea what I'm going to be able to stomach from one meal to the next, but luckily my husband is extraordinarily helpful and is willing to go to the store on a moment's notice to bring me the ingredients - and help me cook it. Oh, and I'm cooking sitting down, which actually helps.

So, yesterday was, well, hell. I got up in the morning and it took me two hours to pull it together to even handle anything. I couldn't hardly move or I'd vomit. I had bone broth again, but it came back up after I attempted a banana. So, I sipped water and then tried again with the broth and it stayed down. So, the banana was a no-no yesterday. Also, I had intense cravings for a taco beef salad for lunch. I really wanted the ground beef seasoned like you do with the taco packets. I got out a taco packet and attempted to recreate the season sans weird stuff.

Day 2:

B?: bone broth plus failed banana

L: taco salad - spiced ground beef, avocado, tomato, onion and loads of lettuce. I wanted so much lettuce.

S: a little more of the taco salad

D: salted steak (another bizarre craving) and mashed potato made with coconut milk and olive oil (I know, gross but it is actually very awesome). I also had cooked spinach and onion

After dinner yesterday was the only time I even felt sort of o.k. the whole day.

Today, I've felt slightly better, but not by much. I had this really intense craving for fried chicken all afternoon, but I had cube steak out, so I just cooked dinner in tallow.

B: leftover steak and mashed potato - that actually went very well

S: a small amount of chili

S: some avocado and sweet potato in coconut oil

D: cube steak and brussels sprouts cooked in tallow, homemade applesauce.

Dinner really hit the spot. While I was eating, for a moment I felt totally well like I wasn't even pregnant. Didn't last long, but at least I got a 1/2 hour of peace!

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Oh, there's a nice, glowy part? I thought there was just horrible sickness and exhaustion followed by nightly hip pain followed by more exhaustion, lots of false labor and back pain! ;) Just kidding, I'm sure I'm just remembering the crappy parts only because I'm in the midst of the crappiest part! Actually, come to think of it, the false labor part was kind of fun because every time we'd get excited and it made my husband super sweet to me.

Oh, and it isn't helping that my daughter is having a terrible-twos day. I tried to take her out of the house for some fun, but she cried about every single stupid thing (while I tried not to puke on every single thing). Then, when I got her home, she gets out of the car and says, "Nap?" I guess she was tired. Ok! I can totally handle her asking for a nap!!!

I did get to cross off one weird place I "planned" to puke at during this pregnancy - our Science Center. I made it to the bathroom, but I had to practically knock over a couple of first graders to get there in time!

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I'm about 6 weeks, I think. The sickness started up early with my first, too, so I'm kind of expecting a similar run time-wise on this. Or, I'm hoping that it doesn't go longer, at least.

I ended up getting Zofran, but that was the worse medicine I've ever taken. I had such a severe reaction - I must be allergic to it, I guess. Anyway, I wound up having a couple of really awful days Thursday-Saturday. My husband had the stomach flu no top of it, which made life just way too hectic for me. And, I made the mistake of throwing in the towel and eating bread for the first time in a very long time. BAD IDEA!!! What was I thinking? I can't eat wheat, I have a sensitivity to it, and I definitely paid the price for that. That was yesterday, and I felt so miserable. I ended up taking an antihistamine that the doc said is ok in hopes it would counteract the wheat. I was desperate for the reaction to go away because I was already so sick from the pregnancy hormones. Turns out, as the doc says, that medicine actually helps morning sickness too. I don't think I'd want to take it very much, but it explains why my sickness is much milder so far today.

I also found that ham is really great on my stomach. I can get pastured smoked ham that's very natural. So, I had that and some mashed potato for breakfast today. I actually feel good enough that I think I'm going to get to the grocery store and get a few things cooking for this week. Oooh... maybe I will be able to exercise, too. That would be nice.

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