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Day 29 and counting...


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As I get to the finish line of 30 days, just wanted to say that my knees are vastly better. Steps at home, getting off busses are much easier than before, and the pain I used to feel at the end of my weekly dance classes has all but disappeared. Also, a digestive problem is abating and becoming more manageable. These are amazing outcomes for me. Eczema on my hands still there, but  perhaps this is also abating - I will be paying close attention to this during reintroduction phase.


I should say that mine was not a perfect Whole 30. I am Sabbath observant and therefore ate some oat bread at Friday's dinner and Saturday's lunch, to fulfill the mandate of eating bread at Sabbath meals. Also, in the first couple of weeks, I was consuming too many nuts.


As a final note that might encourage others to try Whole 30, a few months ago, I asserted to a friend/mentor that I would never be able to take on a food elimation program, as I would feel too restricted. A few weeks after I made that claim, I started a Whole30. In a similar vein, when I started this, I consoled myself that when this was all over, I would be able to have yogurts again and other foods that I enjoy. Now, I (hope) I will be more cautious about consuming foods that could be detrimnetal to me.    


Thanks again to the Whole30 team for making so much information available on line + and for the Whole 30 Daily process, which was fun and encouraging.


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