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please guide this newbie lose weight.


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Hello everyone, i stumbled upon this website because i bought the nom nom paleo book and went to their website... While i was there, i saw that she was talking about some type of diet called the whole30, curious i came here and saw that the ingredients that nom nom or other paleo books says it's ok to eat is prohibited in this diet. I think i can do the whole30 diet but i have a few questions.

  1. if i stick to this diet to the "T" will this diet plan make me lose weight?
  2. can i do this diet first then just the regular paleo?
  3. I'm addicted to sugar and bread, will this diet help me get rid of the cravings?
  4. I've never cooked a meal in my life, is there a slow cooker book outhere that you recommend?
  5. Any easy to make breakfast recipies books with shopping list, listed?


I can not emphasize enough that I've never cooked for myself, but i can follow the recipes directions with no problems.... I'm  a male 5' 10" 230 lbs.... I always feel tired, ALWAYS... i eat processed and junk food and no wonder i feel the way i do and i'm overweight by more than 30 pounds. So with all that being said, i hope to get some help on my questions... 


basically i want someone to tell me, " ok, go to the grocery store, here's the shopping list of every ingredient that you need to buy for the entire 30 days and here's the recipes for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner.." if someone can do this for me i would forever be indebted to you.

thank you


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Hi there,


First things first, this is not a weight loss "diet" and it would behoove you to stop considering it as such. This is a food elimination plan followed by a reintroduction period designed to give you information about how certain foods affect your body and mind.  And it's only done for 30 days in most cases.


Second, I have some unfortunate answers to your questions.  


  • No, if you stick to the Whole30 unwaveringly, we cannot guarantee that you will lose weight.  
  • there is no such list/menu plan for the entire 30 days to tell you exactly what to eat and when

Happily, as this is such a unique journey for every unique person, you can somewhat customize it to what you need.  For example, if you don't cook, you might use a lot more "convenience" foods such as canned fishes, pre-chopped vegetables, compliant dressings & sauces, jarred olives etc.  Fortunately many people who arrive at Whole30 without much of a cooking skill/repertoire, learn very fast.  Cooking with whole foods and whole ingredients is much different than cooking with processed/packaged food.  Whole foods are very forgiving and generally come out tasting great, even if you don't get the cooking times/seasonings exactly right.


You can take a look at the shopping list which gives "good better best" choices but it does not necessarily match up with a menu plan. There is a 7 day meal plan in the Whole30 book if you wanted to borrow or buy that book.  You will also find many free cooking, shopping and planning resources at Mel Joulwan's website and she has two books (third coming soon) that have been instrumental in teaching many, many people here to do menu planning and cooking.


If you follow both the rules and recommendations of the Whole30 over your 30 days and you do not use things like fruits and nuts to comfort yourself while you are learning how to be without sugar/bread, you could have very good results in killing those cravings.  Google "forum.whole30.com: sugar dragon" for tonnes of forum threads about sugar cravings as well as how not to use fruits/nuts to help with them.  Your best results will also come from learning to eat three meals a day rather than the meal, snack, meal, snack, meal that you refer to above.  We want you to compose your meals based on the Meal Template and these meals should give you a run of 4-5 hours before you eat again.  This is the best way to balance your hormones and will help greatly in your desire to kick cravings.


I've outlined and linked you to a lot of information but if you are serious about learning this program and getting the best possible results, there is a wealth more information available. Most of the best links are in my signature below and other information can be found on this forum by googling either "Whole30 your question" or "forum.whole30.com: your question", the second of which will return forum results first.

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Lady Shanny gave you everything you need to get the party started.  Forget dieting and throw every dieting term right out the window.  There are Whole 30 cookbooks.  A compliant and successful Whole 30 requires some cooking.  Life after Whole 30 requires cooking if you want to maintain your success. 


Grab-N-Go's are doable but cooking is going to carry you waaaay down the road. 


Paleo is owned by no one.  There are no hard fast rules for Paleo because everyone has a different definition.  80/20   60/40   Full fat dairy and whopping boatloads of paleo baked goods and commercial snacks. 


Paleo is confusing.  Whole 30 is clear.   

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On 7/18/2016 at 4:20 PM, nachumama said:

I always feel tired, ALWAYS...

Nachumama, this statement makes me think that Whole30 is definitely for you. Don't have anxiety about cooking. Find compliant recipes for dinners and use the ingredient lists as your grocery list. Take leftovers for lunch or (if that isn't practical) make salads with added protein. If you can stand eggs every morning, that is your easiest breakfast options. If not, I would suggest leftovers from dinner.

Cooking your own meals is not magic, talent, or really hard work. You just have to commit the time to planning, grocery shopping and prep. I appreciate the "this is not a weight loss program" theory, but you will most likely lose weight. And feel so much more energy! That part blew my mind by week 3 of my first W30!

Good luck to you, and please don't get discouraged. Come back here for support, and of course to report your successes!

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