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July 18 Start- On Day 3!


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Hi all! my name is Melissa, 31 years old and an attorney living in Connecticut. I was diagnosed with MS last September and since then have been going down a slippery slope of weight gain and exhaustion, all of which is my fault. I stopped engaging in a healthy diet and barely exercised. Instead of helping to heal my health condition, I've only made myself feel worse. What's up with that?? 


I needed to get my life in gear. I am fortunate enough to not suffer from many of the horrible symptoms many MSers face, so I made a decision to stop wasting my health on chips, candy and non-activity. 


After reading the Whole 30 book cover to cover, I began my journey on July 18. I am not on Day 3 and am definitely feeling some of the sugar/carbs/crap withdrawls (hey there, headaches!), but I am feeling more empowered than I have in a long time. 


I have over 100 pounds to lose to get to a healthy weight, so my hopes are that the next 27 days will give me back the power to treat my body right. 


Here's to health!   :D 


- Melissa 

P.S. What is everyone's favorite breakfast recipe?? 

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Hi Melissa, I'm on day 3 too! How's it going for you so far? Breakfasts have been the biggest change for me, but I've found some good options like the spinach and tomato frittata I made the other day with a bit of prosciutto. I'm really excited for this new journey and curious to see what kinds of changes it might bring. 


Here's to a great day 4 and a wonderful rest of the week!



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Hi Melissa,


Congrats on starting your whole30 journey. I also started on July 18th as my official date but I began to implement some healthy choices a week before. Today is day 7 yay!! While is not been perfect I'm already seeing results in my cravings and how i'm feeling. My husband has been such great support and he has joined this journey with me. So good luck to you and keep pressing on! :)

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