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Hi all,

if the beef you were buying was not at all grain fed until after 8 months, then was supplemented with a small amount of grains while still free ranging on pasture. Also no hormones or antibiotics were given.

Would you still worry about that small amount of grain?

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I don't think supplementing a free-ranging cow with grains is a cause for worry, but I would choose a 100-percent grass fed steak over a grain-supplemented steak as much as I could. Grass-fed is healthier and I prefer 100 percent healthy to anything less.

Let me offer some perspective. I order beef kabobs at a restaurant I visit with friends without asking or worrying about the meat's grass-fed status. I assume it is grain-fed because I am in a cheap diner. My freezer at home is stocked only with grass-fed beef that I buy from a local farmer.

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