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Some background information first:


Right now the temperature in the usually cool UK is fluctuating between 25 and 30 degrees C. My antidepressant medication gives me the horrid side-effect of hyper-hydrosis (sweating a lot) and as soon as I move I am literally dripping (sorry - lol).  This is affecting my sleep and therefore my energy levels.


I am not feeling deprived with this lifestyle change, (except, perhaps, when it comes to ice cream!) and I have been enjoying better sleep, more energy and a clearer head.


This is day 11.


However, today my mood is very low and I find myself going back to old ways of thinking about myself and my weight - and being disappointed that I haven't lost at least a stone in 10 days (yes, totally unreal expectation and not one I started out with - but I think you get the idea!)  


I feel like I just want to go and melt into a puddle somewhere and not do a thing!


I am keeping well hydrated,  my meals yesterday and today were:


Weds - Meal one two eggs, two rashers of back bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers fried in ghee,

Meal 2 was a pork chop with spiced apple sauce and broccoli and cauliflower mash (which contains some ghee and coconut milk), meal 3 was two salmon steaks with new potatoes and more mash and mayo.  Drinks were iced water all day.


Today - meal 1 was pork chop with apple sauce (including fat on chop), wilted spinach and fried left-over new potatoes.  Meal two was 3 sausage meat patties with cauli and broccoli mash (next time I will make half the recipe!!!) tonight's dinner is to be white fish with green beans, carrots, new potatoes and tomato pepper sauce.


I am not feeling hungry between meals or on going to bed.


The only fruit I am having at the moment is that which is in recipes for meals as fruit still makes me crave sugar.


I am drinking between 3 and 4 litres of water a day.


I need to curb this negativity before it pulls me down - like I say, I am not negative about the food - I am enjoying the meals and the cooking (the washing up dishes not so much!)


Fill me with positivity folks!!

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Chances are it's the heat getting to you.  When it's super hot and we're really sweaty, clothes stick to us and feel tighter, our extremities swell and make us feel puffy and we're overall just miserable.   The one thing I would probably suggest to you is to maybe change some of your meals to cooler, less heavy fare.  Canned salmon on a huge bed of greens.  Steamed green beans served cold topped with sliced chicken breast and olives.  If you have a grill, buckle down, make a bunch of beef/pork/turkey/chicken burgers and then eat them cold with a coleslaw.  


I'm not sure what your work situation is but if you are home during the day, try getting up earlier when it's still cool in the house and doing some of your meal prep and then all you have to do is eat it at meal times.  You could also try not drinking cold-cold water with your meals.  There are some studies that show that your body will expend energy trying to increase its temperature while also trying to digest foods.  You could try just holding off the water until after your meals.  That might be complete hog-wash too but you could try? 

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