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Days 26-30 - Nausea When Eating

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Today is day 30 of my whole30. Yay!


But for the past three or four days I've had trouble eating. After what seems like a very small amount of food I feel sick to my stomach and can't finish my meals. Once or twice I've tried to push through this feeling because I know I haven't gotten enough food and I literally gag and can't eat more.


This has happened with a variety of different meals/veges/meat and with food I've been eating throughout my whole30 issue free until now. I feel fine otherwise so I don't think its a cold or flu and it only happens when I'm eating.


Is it possible I just need really small portions and the nausea is my body saying, ok quit eating! I really don't know whats going on!


I want to get this figured out asap! As I mentioned today is day 30, but i don't want to start my reintroduction if something is still wrong.



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I drink water all day everyday. I don't know exactly how much I'm getting, but it is a enough I'm sure.


Below is what I've eaten for roughly the last week, but the problem has only been for 3-4 days.


For breakfast everyday I have a veggie egg scramble cooked in coconut oil. Its onions and spinach and two eggs. Some days I just scramble the eggs without veggies and eat sweet potatoes along with them. Since my random nausea started, this is the only meal that goes down without an issue.


Lunch ranges a bit - over the last week I've had

  • ratatouille (2 cups) with grilled chicken
  • spaghetti squash (2 cups) with Whole30 sauce and chicken meatballs
  • Cauliflower rice with leftover steak
  • Salad with grilled chicken and vinegar and oil dressing
  • Salad with tuna and vinegar and oil dressing
  • Salad from Chipotle with Carnitas and guacamole
  • shrimp sautéed in ghee over spaghetti squash with some of the red sauce from the book

Dinner is also a variety, though most meals are a meat my husband grills and a vegetable side

  • typically a palm sized portion of steak, chicken, or pork. I had baked tilapia once last week instead of a grilled meat and last night I made chicken on the stove and ate it with buffalo sauce from the book
  • vegetables range - i had ratatouille, steamed broccoli, baked sweet potatoand cauliflower rice over the last week. 

I add fruit to a meal or two a day most days. Eaten with the meals.


I have been putting the right amounts on my plate for lunch and dinner - the palm sized protein and several cups of veggies, but I haven't been able to finish it in a few days. I usually make it about half way. Looking at this list I'm probably missing some fat (though the steaks and pork usually have a fair amount of fat) but these are the same general foods i've been eating all along and the nausea is new. Could the lack of fat be the problem?


Otherwise I feel fine - no headaches, decent amount of energy (no tiger blood, but that hasn't ever happened for me yet). I sleep a lot (8-9 hours a night) but that has been throughout my whole 30 as well.

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I do not see anything noted here that looks like it would cause gagging or nausea prior or during eating.  Are you eating a lot of something that you didn't prior to Whole30? Avocado, nuts, coconut are culprits for many.  What's your digestion like? Pooping regularly?

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I ate like crap prior to whole30. I expected the beginning to be rougher than it was, but i had been doing pretty well with everything. It just seems so odd. I only feel sick when I eat, and its foods I don't dislike. My vegetable intake has increased immeasurably since before whole30. I do use coconut oil for basically everything. I don't eat many nuts (fewer than before whole30) and I haven't had an avocado in about 2 weeks.


My digestion is... off. But it has been the whole time and I had thought it was leveling out. I only poo like every other day and its not that much. Less lately (obviously because I've been involuntarily eating less)

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I really don't think that's it. My breakfast has the most coconut oil in it and I have the least nausea with breakfast. A few of the meals I've had issues with don't have any coconut oil in them at all (grilled meats and veggies - i don't use any coconut oil for). But I guess I could be wrong...

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Hi!  Aboker1, did you ever find a remedy for this?  I am on day 24 and have noticed the last few days, food is just appalling!  Like I just do not want to eat.  The only thing that sounds appealing is fruit, but I know not to just eat that without a protein and balanced meal, and I am concerned that wanting fruit is signifying an underlying sugar craving.

I feel like I've already limited the foods I can eat because I am not doing FODMAPS so I am kind of at a loss and just trying to force feed myself, which like you said is gagging.  Bleh!  I am not a huge meat eater to begin with, I have dabbled with Vegetarianism on and off, its just not my favorite thing.  I feel like I've cooked and eaten so much meat lately that its just starting to gross me out!

Typical Breakfast - perfect sausage recipe (2-3 patties)  (this week beef, last week turkey) and zoodles cooked in coconut oil. Black Coffee half-caff.

Lunch and Dinner are usually of the same variety as I food prep and then grab a container for lunch, they consist of: a Meat (W30 compliant Pulled Pork, baked chicken, lean steak), a side of cooked Veggies (bok choy, kale, broccoli and cauliflower - though I am careful about that now, carrot, parsnip, zucchini) that are cooked in coconut oil or the meat has a W30 fat based sauce (like chimmichurri) drizzled over it.  Sometimes will add baked potato pieces or sweet potato chips.

Usually I want a snack, because the hours between lunch and dinner are long and I don't have ability to cook food in the middle of the afternoon workday, so I will snack on olives and a banana.  But I am not even wanting my snacks lately.


Besides the loss of appetite and that I still feel really bloated by the end of the day, I feel good in general.  Energy has been ok, skin has cleared up (which is awesome!), but still not sure I have found what is causing all of my bloating.  Or maybe 30 days just isn't long enough and I need to keep going...  Anyway, I thought your post resonated with me a little bit, I've been going through the forums for some inspiration today!  I hope you are doing well now!



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This is exactly how I have been feeling,  I make all my food and then sit down and just don't feel good, mostly nauseous and bloated.  I did just add coconut cream to my coffee in the morning, that is the only change.  I am on day 28 and been feeling like this since yesterday.  In general I have felt well and enjoyed the program.  At the beginning all of the food tasted so good. I had been wanting to go longer than 30 days.

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