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Can I be eating too many potatoes?

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I realized recently I have been eating a lot of potatoes lately, and I was wondering if I'm relying on them too much or if my body does need them because I do work out and need more carbs for energy. 


I eat the same meals for 4 days and then rotate. This past four days has been:


Meal 1: Eggs, peppers, potatoes w/ banana, smidge of cashew butter and coconut flakes

Meal 2: First two days were Melissa's Hash recipe from the book and then I just ate the same concept but broken out the other two days so: grilled chicken, sweet potato baked chips (spiralized a real sweet potato and baked it) green beans and an apple

Meal 3: Burger (no bun, no nothing) green beans, baked fries (plain russet potato chopped to fry form and then baked) and pineapple


Coming up I was thinking of doing..


Meal 1: Yam, celery root, and bacon hash (adding in scrambled eggs to it)

Meal 2: Compliant potato soup w/bacon and some added strip steak for protein

Meal 3: Beef/Chorizo blend burger with guacamole in a lettuce bun


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It is not that you are eating too many potatoes so much as you are not eating nearly enough other veggies. It is doubtful you are eating enough peppers at existing Meal 1 to complete a real serving of peppers. Planned Meal 1 - Celery root is kind of different than potatoes, but if I am not mistaken, is still on the starchy side. Meal 2- has only potato, no green veggies. Meal 3 - lettuce does not really count unless you eat a bucket full of lettuce. So your assignment is to fill your plates more fully with cooked green veggies with a smattering of orange, red, and purple veggies. 


Also, you say nothing about post-workout meals. If you are working out, you should have an extra meal. Combining post-workout with another meal means you are not eating enough. That will catch up with you and hurt you soon enough if that is going on. 

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