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Where is my boundless energy??

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I am on day 13.  Despite eating loads of veggies, and a good mix of types, I am still feeling bloated and constipated :(


I have yet to try the probiotics somebody suggested a week ago - I thought I would give my body more time to sort this all for itself.


I do still find it easier to get up in the mornings than pre W30 - and for a few days I felt really good - but days 11,12, and today I have been feeling sleepy during the day - particularly after meals.  I have had more starchy veg over those days - could this be the culprit do you think?


I know jacket potatoes (today's lunch) contain tryptophan which can make us sleepy, but the other veg on previous days were butternut squash, carrots, swede, new potatoes, mushrooms and courgette (zucchini).


I sort of feel like my body needs cleaning!


And no, I am not drinking enough despite trying harder - need to find a way to encourage myself to drink more.


Edit - I have just worked out that I should be drinking nearly 4 litres of water a day - I am on less than half that at the moment!  I am going to do what a friend recommended once before - get a couple of 2 litre bottles and mark them with marker pen as to how much to drink per hour.  I am usually awake for 14-16 hours per day, so that gives me about 12 - 14 hours 'drinking time' so if I say the minimum is 12 hours, then that is half a bottle every three hours - somebody check my maths please!!! Lol

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Our pre Whole 30 condition determines boundless energy.  I was running on empty for years and it took approximately 2 years for it to rebound back.  Now,  I can go like a son-of-a-gun, doing things I could not imagine I would be doing.  Weed whacking with a 4 cycle gas engine and lifting that thing for hours on end.

Mixing up wheelbarrows of cement,  repairing roads and sidewalks.  Driving a forklift and tractor. 


I started by walking outside my front door and moving at a speed above completely still. I didn't compare myself to anyone or feel the need to put the word "just" in front of my accomplishments. Tiny steps for tiny feet.   Any movement of any kind will start the wheels in motion.   With whole foods comes the desire to move.  It  naturally happens.   Boundless energy will come, "just" don't quit before it gets here.  Our results will vary. 

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Definitely work on drinking more water. If you think you had too many starchy vegetables, you can cut back to one fist-sized serving a day and see how you do, being sure to replace those vegetables with other vegetables instead. Of the ones you listed, zucchini and mushrooms are not really starchy, so don't worry about cutting back on them.

Also keep in mind that you're on day 13 of a 30 day program, and that the days most people give up happen somewhere around days 10 or 11, so you're right around the time that it's common to feel frustrated. Hang in there, it does get better.

Meadowlily also makes a good point that where you're starting from makes a big difference in how long this process can take and what kinds of results you can expect. People with underlying medical conditions or who just generally weren't in great shape to begin with will take a little longer and may find that instead of the tiger blood, energizer bunny feeling, they have more subtle results. For some people, steady energy throughout the day and even moods are a more accurate description. Be sure that you don't focus so much on the hoped for super results that you miss more subtle improvements.

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