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Re-Intro + Beginning Nightshades Elimination

slim kim

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I successfully completed Whole 30! However, I should have included eliminating night shades and just began that 2 days ago. I have continued to have sinus headaches the whole month and wonder what is going on. I don't plan to eliminate eggs. I hope that is not the problem.


Day 31


Weighed in. I lost 6 lbs. Disappointed. I was hoping for 10. However , I have been stopped up these last couple of days, so I'm hoping when that's gone, I'll get to count another lb or two. That will make me feel a little better.

So, what are the good things that I have gotten these last 30 days?


1. My sleep schedule changed

This is not just due to Whole30, but mostly to the fact that my work schedule now does not allow me to sleep past 6:30. I can finally go to bed tired at 10:00. And now, on weekends I even wake up on my own by 7:00. However, I do attribute waking up easier, with more energy, to Whole 30. And I am sleeping better, generally, except for being aware of my neck issue, which I hope will be better with chiropractic help. Rising earlier was a New Year's resolution and I am finally incorporating it, even though it was sort of forced on me.


2. More energy

I have noticed this most in the last week or so. Everything I do has more energy behind it, whether I am doing things around the house, running errands, or walking. I still haven't added the habit of going to the gym. Only made it there once this whole month   :( . Mainly because I have to prioritize getting Cricket out to walk when I get home from work or else she will drive me crazy, wanting attention and wanting to play.


3. Less aches

Wow. I can get up from a squatting position without much stiffness and pain. I can just move better. Hands still have a little stiffness. A month ago, I remember thinking that I should go back to a yoga class, but realized I probably could barely move. Now I feel like I could give it a try again. My arm and neck issue is a problem, but I believe that is something else (computer; out of alignment; muscle tension) I'm working on that. Sinus headaches have continued. But I'm starting to eliminate nightshades and we'll see.


4. Less bloating/puffiness

I notice this in my face and around my eyes. There is a tightness I actually feel around my eyes, like getting Botox! My stomach does not get bloated, although I still have the fat to reduce.


5. More motivation

This was also a New Year's Resolution. I was quite bummed out about my procrastination and general sluggishness. During this month, I have moved forward with my front yard remodel and it will be done in a couple of weeks. Maybe the extra long summer days help. I don't really finish for the day until about 9:00 pm, with dinner and a walk happening later than usual. I can always do better, however. My new schedule also helps in this area. Having more time after work helps me tackle more in my day. When I didn't go in to work until 10:00 or 12:00, I just wasted my morning sleeping in and doing ?


Although I plan to continue Whole 30 with the elimination of nightshades, I also want to re-introduce. I think I'll try red wine tonight. It seems like re-introduction couldn't hurt my evaluation of nightshades if another food doesn't cause problems especially. I will just continue to see the result of no night shades.

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And one more thing. I almost forgot:


6. No cravings.

It's hard to believe but staying on the plan was easy for me. I have not craved pastries or sweets. Although I do think of ice cream occasionally..but it's totally manageable.


My Sweethheart came by today with flowers and a card to congratulate me on staying with it for 30-days. What a great man I have! Hopefully someday he'll take the plunge. I'd love to see his allergies and asthma under control. He loves to eat, and together we have enjoyed "being bad" on many a vacation and go out to eat several times a week. I feel like I'm ruining our fun. If I stay true to Whole 30, or however I modify it, it might change the dynamics of our time together.


Breakfast (10:00): 3 eggs scrambled with asparagus, garlic, and onion in olive oil. I put a teaspoon or so of ghee on top. Coffee (3 cups).

                                 1/2 cup blueberries and 1 small nectarine (from my itty bitty tree!)


Lunch (3:30): 1 salmon fillet, flaked and mixed with 1-2 TBL Primal Mayo, lemon juice, capers, and celery on top of romaine lettuce salad.


I was working in the yard this afternoon in the heat and didn't even think to eat until late. Now it's 8:30 and really too late. I don't know what to do in these situations. I've been reading the book "It Starts with Food" and it makes me worry if I'm NOT eating that I'm messing myself up for weightloss and other things.


Really, all I want is fruit and nuts. Or an apple and cashew butter. Maybe I could eat a hardboiled egg. I have 1 left. And then I was going to have wine tonight to see how it affects me tomorrow. Hmmm. Well I better eat something, I guess.

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Day 2 Reintro/ Day 4 no Night Shades


So last night I had a handful of cherries and a handful of nuts for dinner, along with 2-3 glasses of red wine while watching Legally Blonde. Today I am paying for it. I probably should have taken it easier on the wine the first time out. But I bought a 1/2 bottle, so I wouldn't have any extra to tempt me on a later day and I finished it off. I actually am quite shocked with my reaction to it. That amount of red wine was pretty common, pre-whole 30.

I slept well. I even woke earlier than my alarm (perhaps due to the open window and some noise outside). I got up okay, but felt sluggish, a bit of a headache, and I was hungry. Well that would be expected. I ate breakfast but was really still hungry. I felt foggy, hungry, and tired all day. Even after I ate, I wanted more

At 4:00 I couldn't wait until bedtime. I had little motivation and laid down for a couple of minutes, but then needed to leave for the chiropractor. My mood was off. I felt irritated for no reason. I went to Whole Foods after work to get a couple of things. I love going there and rarely do. It's new in town. I felt deprived and craved everything I couldn't have. All the yummy prepared food, the sausages, EVERYTHING seemed to have sugar in it, or peppers. Let alone all the bakery items, and ice cream, etc. I left with compliant Mayo, two sweet potatoes, a couple of plums, a compliant salad dressing ($6.00!) and some spectacular large cherries. But even the fruit makes me sad, because I feel a little guilty eating it and know it might be too much sugar. About 6:30 I took Cricket on a walk, and thought I would barely make it, but it actually helped me to feel better, as well as my dinner. Maybe the toxins are starting to wear off.


Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with asparagus, mushrooms, and onion with a teaspoon of ghee on top


Mid-morning: 1 banana


Lunch: left over pork tenderloin and 1/2 cup of green beans


Snack driving home from Whole Foods: handful of cherries, spa water (pineapple and mint)


Snack after getting home (so hungry!): Egg salad on romaine lettuce leaves (1 egg, 1 tbl mayo, 1/2 dill pickle, celery, fresh basil)


Dinner: London Broil, grilled on barbeque (great balsamic/mustard marinade!)

              Sauteed zucchini, portabello mushrooms, onion, garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

              1/2 apple with 1 Tbls cashew butter


Blech! I'll be glad to feel better tomorrow back on Whole 30.

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Yesterday Day 3 intro/Day 5 no NS


Still felt tired when I had to get up in the morning. Also woke with canker sores at the back of my throat.


Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with asparagus, mushrooms, and onion with a teaspoon of ghee on top


Lunch: Salad with leftover London Broil. shredded carrot, jicama Salad dressing (balsamic, olive oil, dijon mustard (contained white wine), herbs)

handful of cherries


Dinner: Salmon Cakes (whole 30 recipe) with 2 tbls tartar sauce (whole 30 compliant mayo, dill pickle, lemon juice, dill)

              Green Beans with herbs


Later in the evening: Kombucha (lemon juice, rasberry juice, ginger juice)


Went to bed later than I intended. About 10:30


Today. Day 4 Intro/ Day 5 no NS


Again, this morning I wished I could sleep longer. My canker sores are hurting, but I know it's just a matter of time before they are gone. I succumbed to weighing myself everyday since my first weigh-in. I lost one more pound the day after weigh-in and have kept at that level. I think I better put the scale away and set a weekly or bi-monthly weigh-in time. So 7 lbs total.


Breakfast: 2 eggs fried and 1/2 sweet potato cubed and fried in coconut oil with a dash of cinnamon


Lunch: Those delicious Salmon Cakes (so glad I found them) with tartar sauce

              3/4 cup green beans

               handful of those gorgeous cherries from Whole Foods (now they are gone)


As I write this at 4:30...the rest of the Kombucha from last night.


At 3:30 today I just got so sleepy I laid down and actually slept about 30 minutes. Why am I so tired? Is this STILL from the wine 3 days ago?


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Dinner (last night): London Broil

                                 Zucchini, onions, portabello mushrooms

                                 tiny nectarine, apricot and blueberries


Day 5 Intro/ Day 7 No Nightshades


Still TIRED! Also feel pain from my canker sore on my throat, plus and earache and headache from that.  I felt a mild "jumpiness" this morning. I'm going to take something right now. Last night I went to sleep right away, but woke up very uncomfortable an hour later and took a night time sinus med. Neck and arm pain, too. Waaah! Maybe I'm just sick. Canker sores are virus', right?...


Hours later....I ended up taking a nap and some aspirin. I woke up feeling better and also tried putting coconut oil on my canker sores (something I read on the internet). Went to out to dinner with Matt and walked Cricket in the dark. I feel 100% better right now. Even though I kind of "cheated" at dinner. I ordered sweet potato fries and also garlic aioli for on my bunless burger. The bacon on it had to have some sugar in it too, So basically the only deviations were the little sugar in the bacon (which is allowed post whole 30) and the oil (probably soybean) in the fries and aioli,. So today can be my soybean oil intro day.


Breakfast: 2 salmon cakes with 1 tbls tartar sauce and 1 fried egg


Lunch: Egg salad (2 eggs, celery, pickles, compliant mayo, mustard) on romaine lettuce leaves

              1 peach


Snack: Handful of mixed nuts


Dinner: (Red Robin) Hamburger in lettuce wrap with avocado and bacon with garlic aioli

                                    Sweet potato fries (a lot  :mellow: )


Hmmm. I might have been a little heavy on the fat today...which usually I feel like I don't add the extra that I should. Also very light on the non-starchy vegetables!

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Day 6 Intro/ Day 8 No Nightshades


Still tired after work today, but resisted taking a nap. Took a short nap. Had energy into the evening, but I also took an allergy med late afternoon....which I took because I felt itching inside my ears again! What is the cause?


Breakfast: 2 salmon cakes and 1 fried egg


Lunch: Chicken hash, which I had frozen from a couple of weeks ago.

            cherries (this lunch was sort of eaten in stages over a couple of hours because I was too busy with students.)


Dinner: London Broil

             Zucchini, portabello mushrooms, onions

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I looked back at my whole 30 log to note when I had itchy ears before. I had been eating the Chicken Hash then. The only suspects in this recipe are the red pepper flakes (which I've lately eliminated from my diet) and the walnuts. I'll have to try those separately sometime.

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Day 7 Intro/ Day 9 No Nightshades

Canker sore still hurting.


Breakfast: eggwhite smoothie with 1 banana, 3/4 frozen berries/mango, 1/2 can lowfat coconut milk, splash of cherry juice. Very good and not way frothy like my first one.


Lunch: 1/2 apple (my smoothie was at 10:00 and had to leave for L.A. at 12:00 to make the play at 2:00. )


Snack: I ate a larabar at intermission.


Dinner: Well...we went to a fancy restaurant at the top of the Marriot in Downtown LA ...a Wolgang Puck's restaurant. I tried. But really, I should have just forgotton about Whole 30. But I really do want to be able to tell what foods do to me through the reintroduction phase. Since the wine did me in my first day, I didn't have wine. I wanted a fancy drink, but they all had sugar. So I tried gin and sodawater and lime. Not the best, but I can't have whiskey or vodka, so....


Dinner: gin and soda water

             1 lobster/crab dumpling with Chinese hot mustard (they said the thin wrapping had tapioca and some flour in it)

              Stirfry Beef and Broccoli (sweet sauce, so I had sugar and soy sauce)

             1 cup white rice

              2 small Chinese donuts (fried bread essentially with sugar dusting) dipped in blueberry sauce and chocolate sauce


By dessert I just let Matt order whatever dessert he wanted to split with me. At least I avoided dairy and nightshades.

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Day 8 Intro/ Day 10 No Nightshades


I noticed a couple of things after I went off track last night. 

1. When we got home 2 hours later, I had a little intestinal cramping, but it went away soon.

2. I was really tired and went to bed earlier than usual. Seems like the effect of the alcohol, but maybe the sugar or carbs, too.


Today, though, I feel fine. Still a bit tired, but that's been going on for a few days. It didn't keep me from working in the heat outside from 10:00-3:00. Canker sore still there. Seems like a long time, now.


I probably didn't overdo any one thing. Yesterday was the 2nd day I got some soy in my system. I don't thing soy is a problem for me. I don't have it that much, normally, anyway (unless the amount of soybean oil in salad dressings are considered "much".) I wonder what caused my short intestinal issue? I hardly ever have cramping like that.


Back to Whole 30. I go out to eat Tuesday night, so that will be my next "off" day. I'm dying to try out dairy.


Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with artichoke hearts and Kalamata olives

                   1/2 cup blueberries


Lunch: Cold London Broil mixed with green beans, jicama, a little lettuce and balsamic/dijon mustard vinaigrette.


Dinner: 2 chicken thighs roasted with cubed rutabega, carrots, onion, and sweet potato (olive oil, 1/2 cup apple juice, fresh thyme)

             1 peach sprinkled with cinnamon.

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Day 9 Intro/ Day 11 No Nightshades

Back on Whole30


Day 10 Intro/ Day 12 No Nightshades

I introduced dairy. I thought I was going out to dinned but it was canceled. I tried dairy anyway.


Breakfast: Unsweetened Greek Yogurt with 1/2 banana and 1 plum.

                   1 egg and artichoke and mushrooms


Lunch: Chicken thighs and roasted rutabega, sweet potato and carrots


Dinner: Green salad with beets, feta cheese and hazelnuts with homemade vinigrette

              Salmon stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese (Von's meat counter prepared)


Later: 1 large scoop strawberry covered chocolate ice cream and coconut chocolate chip ice cream from McConnells. YUM.


The only things I noticed was that I felt more bloated or "fat" that day and the day after. I also felt itching in my ears soon after the ice cream, but it went away after an hour. Energy levels were fine.


Day 11/ Day 13


I had the cough and slight runny nose first thing in the morning, but that dissipated soon. Could be from Dairy the day before or from my breakfast today? I wieghed myself. Disappointed that I weigh the same I weighed the day after completing Whole 30--162. I plan to weigh on Friday. If I weigh less, then maybe the dairy does put some weight/bloat on me.


Breakfast: Egg white protein smoothie. (1 small banana, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1/3 can coconut milk, 1/4 cup egg white powder, splash of cherry juice, water)


Lunch: Chicken thighs and roasted rutabega, sweet potato and carrots.



Dinner: Pot roast

             carrots, onion, celery, sweet potato

             Salad with 1/2 avocado and shredded carrot with tablespoon Tessamae ranch dressing


Day 12/ Day 14


Feeling fine. Have not drunk near enough water today. Right now noticed my ears and throat had the itchy feeling. I just ate some blueberries. I had a craving tonight for something other than compliant food after dinner. Chose the blueberries. I wonder what that's about. I have had virtually NO cravings or temptations to go off-plan during my 30 days.


Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil and 1 salmon cake


Lunch: Chicken thigh and roasted rutabega, sweet potato and carrots.



Snack: 1 tangerine


Dinner: Pot roast, carrots, sweet potato, celery, onion


Snack: 1/2 cup blueberries


Tomorrow will be restaurant food. We'll see what I "cheat" with. Still have not added corn or wheat....well except for that little Chinese donut.



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