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Black Olives & Farmer's Markets


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I've never been one to like green olives, so you can imagine my sadness when I could only find natural green ones (compliant completely) but no black ones.


Was I doomed to 30 days of no olives?


Nope!  I went to Costco yesterday to pick up some fruit/veggies/eggs/etc and found natural black olives!!  Ingredients; olives, water, sea salt.


At one of the not-so-local farmer's markets, I found homemade pickles (no junky ingredients, different flavors), homemade, infused olive & avocado oils, a guy selling BBQ brisket with compliant seasonings (hold the sauce, delish on its own) and fresh Italian sausage using compliant ingredients from a 100 year old recipe that his grandmother passed down.


I'm downright giddy with excitement!


I love farmer's markets but I've never loved having to get up early enough to get the choicest pick of produce, but its so worth it when you find artisans going to back their family's roots in how they grow/produce their products.  And even though I'm only on day 5, my energy is fabulous!


I highly recommend you hunt down as many farmer's markets in your area as you can, because each one will have different & unique vendors and buying locally, supporting great farms.


Happy hunting!

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Welcome aboard and I so admire your bravery at this new challenge!  You've overcome a lot (understatement there) and your positive attitude is still shining through.


Staying connected on the Forum is one more part of your arsenal to success.  We're in this together.


You've got this!  :)

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