1st Whole30!


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Day One is complete!  Feeling like a boss and have to keep reminding myself that this feeling won't last for very long.  I was very hungry between an early light dinner and coming home from work at 9pm, so I fixed myself a small meal.  I think not snacking is going to be the hardest part for me, and that I need to make an effort to eat bigger meals to avoid this.  I work long hours with kids, and have heavily relied on sugar and caffeine to reward myself and keep me going.  


Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with a bit of sweet potato, onion, kale, and spinach

Cold brew and unsweetened almond milk


Lunch: Poached salmon, sweet potato, onion, kale and spinach


Dinner: Same thing, plus an iced Yerba Mate


2nd Dinner?!: 1 soft-boiled egg, half an avocado, and some kale sautéed in olive oil and balsamic

Handful of grapes


Got a little headache-y and fatigued around 6-8pm.  I was soooooo hungry!


Looking forward to tomorrow!  All prepped and ready to go!



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Hi, amyearonson! Your meals do look a little on the small side. When eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, so probably 3-4. Or make up the difference with some other protein -- eggs and sausage, for instance, or whatever other protein you have around. For vegetables, aim for 1-3 cups at each meal, trying for three cups at most meals. Your lunch and dinner could use some more fat as well -- much of any fat you cook in stays in the pan and isn't eaten, and even though salmon is fattier than some other options, you still could add a little more. Some olives or avocado or a dollop of mayo are all good choices that would go well with that meal. Don't be afraid to add fat, it's a big part of what will help you stay satisfied between meals.


Your second dinner is actually a great way to deal with hunger when it's not actually meal time, though -- we don't want you to be hungry, so make yourself a smaller version of a meal, with a combo of protein, fat, and vegetables.


For the headaches, that's pretty normal during the first week, and will be worse if you're hungry too. Be sure you eat plenty, drink lots of water, and don't forget to salt your food.


You're off to a great start!

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Olives are a wonderful and delicious idea -- next trip to Trader Joe's for sure!


Day 2 was pretty good.  Headache between 2 and 3:30.  A little cranky around that time, too.  This will be easier next week when my work days are shorter, as I'm having to pack for a full day, which leaves no room to adjust my meals.  


Maybe not gonna log each meal separately, but each was a combination of egg, potato, onion, avocado, salmon, and asparagus.  A small container of mixed fruit.  Cold brew with almond milk.


Changing it up tomorrow with a hearty kale salad with tons of tuna and hard-boiled egg!  Yum.

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Day 3!  


No headache today, and I actually felt like I had more energy than usual!  I was sort of hungry between lunch and dinner, but less than the previous days.  Sugar cravings aren't really happening either.  Feeling pretty awesome, actually!  And my stomach feels flatter, which is always exciting.


Breakfast: 2 soft-boiled eggs.  I just can't seem to stuff much more than this down my throat early in the morning.


Lunch: Big kale salad with tuna, hard-boiled egg, olive oil, lemon, whole-grain mustard, potatoes, and onion


Dinner: Same thing, plus a Coconut Cream Pie Lara Bar before to tide me over until dinner.


Came home starving, made my meals for tomorrow and ate a bit of it, too. Trying to really listen to my body and not starve myself like I have while "dieting."  Eating when I'm hungry is just going to happen, even if it's a small "second dinner" when I have 12 hour work days.

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Day 4!  I woke up with crazy anxiety -- racing heart, clenched jaw.  I thought, "Oh boy.  Is THIS "Kill all the things?"  Fortunately, that feeling only lasted for ten or fifteen minutes.  Coffee and breakfast helped an awful lot.  


I sure am lucky I love eggs!


No headaches today, and no real sugar cravings.  Sure, when I see a cookie or something, I think "Oh man, that looks good," but not like, "OMG I NEED THAT."  


One strange thing that happened once between breakfast and lunch and once between lunch and dinner were these waves of intense nausea.  I get that sometimes when my blood sugar is low, so it makes sense.  I'm just having so much trouble eating a big enough breakfast and also not snacking.  


Had some olives with dinner today!  So satisfying, but feeling a bit "over-salted" now.


Pretty fatigued this evening, but that's likely due to my current work schedule and not Whole30. 


Lacroix is God.

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Day 5:


Major fatigue today, lots of hunger, and bloating.  Had a delicious lunch and made some mussels for dinner steamed with leeks in coconut milk, broth, and spices.  That was yummy, but I'm so hungry!  Just feeling sort of "protein-ed" out.  Also, the poochy tummy is kind of a bummer, even though I know it's normal.  Getting used to this diet, but feeling a bit blah about it today.  


Didn't want to kill all the things today, though!

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Day 6: 


Feeling great!  I was still pretty hungry today, but I felt full faster, which is always nice.  Poached a big slab of sockeye for the next couple of days and made a delicious, veggie-filled soup.  I got a late start and lots of sleep, which was helpful for my mood.  I even took a nap just because I could!  Feeling great mental clarity and in a cheerful mood.  Still feeling a bit bloated, but less so than yesterday.  Enjoyed some great sashimi with avocado for lunch!  I'm so glad sashimi is still on the table, as it's probably my favorite food.  


I can do this!

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Day 7 just began and I've noticed...I can no longer sleep in?  This is unheard of for me.  Today and yesterday I haven't had to work in the morning and I've just popped out of bed bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to clean the house/get stuff done/start the day!



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Week one is done, and I feel fantastic!  I know my tummy is flatter, I didn't need coffee until 3:30 today, I feel mentally clear, and I cooked with "zoodles" for the first time!  I feel powerful, like I could do this forever!  Over the hump, for sure!  


Hopefully this feeling isn't fleeting...

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Day 8 and 9 were great!  I definitely had a few temptations with beer -- new brewery a block from my apartment that I REALLY want to try out, as well as an over 21 movie theater where I really wanted a beer when my fiancé got one (I got an iced tea instead).  Nothing is so tempting that I'm actually afraid I'll crack, though.  


My fiance's mom is here for the next two weeks, which always means a lot of eating out, cooking, beer, etc.  I'm going to have to be strategic.  For instance, tonight we are going over to his aunt and uncle's house for dinner and I had to figure out whether or not to tell them what Whole30 means, or just bring my own food.  I had my fiancé tell them that I'm on Whole30 and it's super strict, so I can just bring my own food.  If they decide to look up what that means and accommodate me in some way, then yay! Bonus food.  It's going to be awkward, but oh well.  The pros definitely outweigh the cons.


And my clothes are DEFINITELY looser!   :D

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