The Sugar Dragon Returns (and gets beaten)


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Well, a week after my Whole30 ended, I forgot my protein, so I had to go to the store on my lunch to get some protein. While I was standing at the deli counter waiting for my prosciutto to be sliced, that superpower-style sense of smell I remember from Week 1 kicked back in. I could smell the M'n'M cookies. From 15 feet away. While they were still in their packages.


Now, Whole30-style Staggolee doesn't usually shop while hungry. I eat a meal and then go to the store, which wasn't really intentional (for the purpose of avoiding cravings, anyway). Here I was... stupid hungry... and shopping. Which was enough to resurrect the Sugar Dragon.


I was so mad! I thought I'd killed it! How dare it come back to life! Now I wanted a cookie, and worse, I could totally have one, because my Whole30 was complete!


I thought about it, and I decided to teach the Sugar Dragon a lesson. I found a box of cookies that were on sale and freshly baked. I bought them. I marched my sugar-loving rear end back to work. I opened the box, and... I handed them out, one by one, to my team and neighboring teams. I didn't eat ONE. Cookies are okay - though not in any way ideal - to have when it's not in response to a craving, but I clearly can't handle it right now, and so they can be okay for other people to eat, but I will NOT do it.


And now... I'm starving... so I'm going to eat my Greek salad and prosciutto and enjoy the heck outta both! :)

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wow!! Way to go!  I shall remember this post when my sugar dragon raises its head.  I am being realistic here - I think my sugar dragon will only ever be in some kind of coma and will be raised back to life when sugar is around :) However - I shall take the cookies, or cake or ice-cream and bop the dragon on the head with them!



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