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Whole30 #2-Whole Way Through !


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I am starting my second Whole30 today, after about three weeks since my first ended. I have not done any unplanned off roading- and have only had one non-compliant meal and three evenings where I drank 1-3 glasses of wine.

I need the strict rules for a while longer-just 'cause I do. I need to still be accountable, and love the feeling of complete success each evening.

I looked at my tentative schedule for the month, and can clearly see there are no big special events coming up that would get in the way of being successful.

I wanted to go right onto another after my last round, but knew of a few social situations where I would want to be more lax.

One of these was this past Saturday evening, when some friends took my DH and me out for a really nice dinner,to celebrate my DH's new job. It was a really upscale restaurant, and I had looked on the menu online ahead of time, and decided I would not worry about it and go with what I wanted. It was a special occasion, as far as I was concerned, and I felt just fine about it.

I was SO put-off by my husband's friend, who was SO food pushy. I was totally surprised and uncomfortable. Even though I was open to eating just about anything, I have also gotten used to the quantity of food I am comfortable eating, and knowing that some things just aren't worth even MAYBE feeling lousy. Anyway, I enjoyed a glass of wine, wanted to skip an appetizer, and ordered a seafood dish which included risotto, which I truly considered a treat. Enough for me, and I was pretty happy with myself. Our friend made a BIG fuss about ordering appetizers, even though both his wife and myself were not at all interested, even had the waitress put one of the trays right in front of me. Annoying. I tasted a fried calamari-it was good, but I was done. I was really trying to be polite and not make a big deal over anything-this was a night for my DH and I am really happy for him. Then dinner came, very tasty, took my time, but was done when I was done. He then proceeded to seriously push dessert, ( I can count on one hand the amount of times I have EVER ordered dessert when out to dinner). Anyway, my DH got something, as did his friend, who took one taste, then pushed it in front of me. I was so annoyed, having made it clear I was done. UGH.

I did not eat any, told him how nice it looked, but I was stuffed. *** BEST THING EVER-I was NOT stuffed, but felt really comfortable and did not want to ruin that feeling by overdoing it ****.

I said nothing, to anyone, got thru dinner,etc. On the way back home, DH asked if I had fun-told me I looked like I was having a good time. I told him how I felt, he said he noticed his buddy getting dirty looks from his wife.

It was so weird-I have NEVER felt pressured to eat anything I did not want. This was just really annoying. At least I stuck to my guns (minus one piece of calamari). I don't get people sometimes. I know he wanted us to have whatever we wanted, but I WAS!!!!!!

Anyway, I am so pumped to start a Day 1 again. Well on my way today..


Keep making great meals-3x/day

Exercise every day this time around. Lifting weights at least 3x/week

Walk at least 3x/week

No dry fruit

Watch water-be sure to get enough in every day

Check in here daily for inspiration & to stay connected to this great community.

Sorry for the ramble-thanks for reading, though !!:)

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I guess he wanted to be as generous as possible, maybe he thought you were skipping courses to save him expense?

But still...weird, and in the end spoiled the meal he wanted you so desperately you to enjoy.

Nowt as strange as folk, eh?

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Day 1 went really well- I made a pork roast for dinner, some thinly sliced zucchini w/ olive oil, Italian seasoning and chopped fresh tomato, and mashed sweet potatoes with ghee and coconut milk. DH was LOVIN' it-a definite win meal !!

He and I had a nice chat about continuing the Whole30 last night. He's been slipping a bit lately, and I know it bothers him. We had a talk about some financial stuff on Sunday that was kinda discouraging and we both were very stressed. I just got sleepy, but he ate some cheesecake. He also had wine with dinner afterwards-telling me "it's not a coping mechanism, it's just a glass of wine." I hadn't said a word or even given a look-but knew why he was drinking it,and previous to whole30 #1 would have joined him. Several times...

I am not judging or anything at all-I just know that I am working REALLY hard at seeing food and drink for what it is- a way to HELP me stay healthy and happy, with a few mindful treats now and then. Stress isn't a special occasion, as far as I am concerned.

So, I plod along on a strict Whole30, happily and mindfully, and I am continuing to support his efforts to clean up his act-I still get up and make his breakfast (today was at 5 am !:), pack his lunch when he needs it, and make yummy dinners. But, I can't make his choices for him, and I am learning to be ok with that.

Off to start Day 2- feeling good and upbeat.Might have to make some more of those mashed sweet potatoes...

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But, I can't make his choices for him, and I am learning to be ok with that.

This is a big struggle for me! I get confused when the BF eats random stuff (his mom made banana bread while we were up in CT), but I remind myself that it is HIS body and I would be upset if he tried to chime in when I ate stuff. Gotta be fair, right? Good luck on your W30, I just started my 2nd W30 also!

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