Crastney's food log (definitely Not W30 complient at the moment)


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so I started a W30 a few months ago.  I didn't really finish it.  I've tried to stay on track where possible but I know that I'm eating way off plan, so I thought if I keep a log of what I eat it will help me to see where I'm off plan.


I realise that I need to eat more fats, especially at breakfast when I go back to my previous meals of cereals or toast.

often I'm sat looking at what I'm eating thinking "I really need some lettuce, and salad, and saurkraut on this, and maybe some eggs, and mayo, or avo, or olives"  I know it's off plan but when I take the time to prepare compliant, it takes a while, and I'm later for work, and this has knock on effects.


I was drinking black unsweetened coffee, but today went back to white with one sugar, boy it was sweet, and 'thick'.  eurgh.

probably I had this as for breakfast today was two toast with marmalade, marmite, and jam (not together, on different pieces) - obviously not W30.


at work I have greek extra virgin OO, which I'll have a big glug of (2tbsp) on salad when I make my own lunch.


I've started to cycle to work two days a week, so need to prepare a PWO mini meal, that I can eat without cooking once I'm at work - previously I've been bringing in eggs and grated potatos, and cooking at work, but that's not ideal as it's cooked in oil...


when I make dinners at home I try to be compliant.

I've just run out of Mayo so will make some more homemade, and I've just used up the last of the home made red cabbage saurkraut, which was lovely and I was haveing a couple of forks full with most meals that I prepared at home (but it still took a month to eat it all!).


anyway, that's enough for the time being, hopefully I'll update with my meals, and over time will see where I'm struggling, and improve to W30 standards.

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lunch was almost complient...


went to M&S and got a protein pot (2 hard boiled eggs and some spinach) - all good so far.

included a packet of rare roast beef slices - still good.

and a tub of reduced guacomole - the reduced sticker was covering the ingredients list...


on the way back I got a tub of mushroom soup from Hackney Fresh, organic health food shop (presumably complient although I didn't specifically ask)

turns out that the guac had sugar and rice starch in it.


I ate all the eggs, spinach, and soup, and half the guac, and half the beef....

and I still had a rhubarb yoghurt in the fridge so I've eaten that as well, no igredients list on the tub, but it's yoghurt which is dairy.

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Hi, Crastney, I've moved this log to the Post-Whole30 section. We prefer to keep the Whole30 log section for those that are actually doing a Whole30, and having logs that talk about having off-plan items could be confusing for newbies.

If you do actually do a whole30, you're welcome to keep using this log if you want to keep everything in one place.

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40 minutes ago, Crastney said:

I think need to drink more water - I can feel my joints creaking/clicking sometimes.

late night, I can feel my neck crick as I twist my head from side to side.

Sounds more like a cartilage issue to me - usually a sign of a vitamin D deficiency, alongside most likely sulphur & HA (Hyaluronic acid) - sadly a lot to do with aging as the body produces less HA the older we get...

You can get HA from root veg, but it's better absorbed when taken along side omega 3, so get the fishing rod out - this will also improve your vitamin D levels too - win win!! :D

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hot days in the office are not good!

I was doing so well being complient, thinking that I might even start a W30 again, and what happens?  one of the managers comes round with left over ice creams that her team don't want - so I take one (a FAB).  I'd only just finished when the team next to me come back into the office with several boxes of assorted lollies and ice creams that they've got left over, so I end up eating a double chocolate magnum, and then my boss walks back in to our team with four boxes of ices, and by this time I've totally given up the will to resisit, so I end up with a mini twister!

the only positive is that the cocoa in the double magnum is 'rainforest alliance certified'!  well that's alright then!

I know I'm going to pay for all that at some point later today!  I'm so angry with myself for being so weak!  earlier today I'd said no to some Dutch cookies!  my breakfast and lunch were both fully complient, and incredibly tasty too.  I feel like such a schmuck!

I was so impressed with myself for getting round to making Saurkraut again, and buying light Olive Oil in a large enough amount to make mayonnaise.

- going on the 'to do' list: learning how to say no politely to unwanted food choices (ice creams, lollies, biscuits, cakes, etc)

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I'm going to do another W30!  I know I can't start straight away, as it's my birthday in November, I'll be 40, and we're going to New York for the week.  now I know it's possible to do W30, whilst celebrating a birthday, however, there are things I'd like to do in New York, as it's my first time there, for instance eating salt beef bagels, and sampling some of the many and varied craft ales, and going to a couple of fantastic restraunts.  Then of course it's Christmas, in December, and I know that is technichally possible too, however it's just easier on the rest of the family, and relatives that we're staying with if I'm not overly fussy about what they can/can't cook for me.  So i figured what better than to start on Jan 1st (probably with a slight hangover?), and plan to do W30, but keep going afterwards, for as long as seems sensible.

I've told my wife this morning, and suggested that she joins me, I've given her plenty or warning.  Hopefully we can go through this process together, and it'll be good for both of us.

I think she'll benefit tremendously from W30, but then I think most poeple would.  I think both her parents would too, but they're skeptical, and I don't think they'd want to live without certain things that they've got used to over the years.  Neither of them would appreciate me thinking that they need it, neither are convinced that their ailments can be healed just through diet, and I just don't think they'd do this... anyway it's not about other people it's about us.  so here's to starting in January.

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odd one - how does toothpaste figure in this?  I know you're not supposed to swallow toothpaste (but my 3 year old is currently doing just that and it's the only way to get him brushing his teeth!) - obviously there's sugars, and sweeteners and 'chemicals' in toothpaste that are clearly not compliant, but then one doesn't generally swallow.  Are there compliant toothpastes? or does everyone just accept that they might swallow a teensy little bit, or just not brush?

with the reduced sugar intake I've found that my teeth are generally a lot healthier anyway...

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I'd not realised that my clicky joints hadn't been for a while, but they've started up again over the past couple of days.  possibly as I've started eating bread/toast for breakfast again, so maybe I'm missing out on vitamins/minerals first thing?  also I think I'm drinking a bit less water a day too.  I have started eating more fish though - Pilchards/sardines/mackeral in tomato sauce from M&S (completely compliant) at 40p a tin (or 90p a tin), absolute bargain!  I can get a bag of ready prepared veg to steam in the microwave, and add olives, olive oil, mayo, whatever, to get the fat in, and that's a decent lunch at work.

it could also be less exercise as I've stopped cycling to work.

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I'm going to have to restart for various reasons.  I have a sore throat, which turned into a cough and I've been taking Lemsip, Covonia, and other things with none compliant ingredients, also felt so ill today that all I wanted was chicken soup with buttery toast. Then tidying the house I found left over chocolate truffles,... well I've already fallen off so had one of those too. But meals have been compliant so I'm doing well, and once this cough has cleared up I'll start over.       

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