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Week 4 - Complete


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Only a day left!

WOW! How super exciting! I’m actually at the end of it all!


Body & Mind:

-Sugar cravings are so low! My husband likes his sweets and I think to myself it would be nice to have something, but I don’t need it. The old me would have ate doubled his portion.

-I always feel like I’m satisfy and never starving

-My bloating is almost nonexistent. After I eat I get some little tummy, but after an hour or so it goes back down.

-Energetic/Endurance is still going up. I can do all 9 flights of stairs in my building without stopping. I’m tired, but I feel good about it.

-Zits are gone    


And the biggest thing of all:

-I feel really good about myself and the changes I’ve made with my eating habits

-I’m so proud of myself!

-I can see definition in my body, like muscles I’ve never had before


I can’t believe how I kept through all this. It has really has giving me a lot of confidence in myself and my mind. I will be keeping up as much clean eating as I can as the results are only for the better.


My resistance is remarkable. I had to go to a birthday party over the weekend and of course it was hot dogs and hamburgers. I ate mostly the veggies and fruit. Even went as far as to bring my own nuts and seeds. A lot of people asked what I was doing I after explaining it to them they were thinking about giving it a go.


Can’t wait until tomorrow! :)

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