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There's some ideas here.  One thing I like to do when it's a zillion degrees outside is grill chicken and maybe some kind of beef (steaks, skirt steak/fajita meat), and make some hard boiled eggs, and then make several different salads, but not like your typical lettuce-y salads. Things like this broccoli salad, this Turkish salad, these cucumber noodles -- make a couple that will last several days, and then midweek you may need to make some others, just so you don't end up with any getting soggy before you eat them. I usually include some kind of potato salad or even just boiled potatoes that I toss with some olive oil and herbs and eat cold.  Then I can just grab some protein and two or three scoops of whichever vegetables sound good for lunch or supper without having to cook a lot throughout the week. I know you said no salads, but to me, these aren't really salads, they're just vegetables that happen to be cold.

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My favorite.



I also eat a lot of my food cold.  Even as a kid - leftovers were always cold.  Weird.  So you can do that too :)  My breakfast frittata, beef enchilada, creamed spinach... my usuals for leftovers.  All cold.  

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