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Suggested Slow Roll Reintroduction for Dairy?

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My husband and I did our Whole30 in June and began our Slow Roll Reintroduction on July 1. We've finished experimenting with legumes and non gluten grains with at least three fully compliant days between experiments, which has taken almost the whole month of July. In a few days, we'll begin reintroducing dairy products. We have split up foods into sub-groups within each category for our reintroductions and would like to do the same with dairy. What suggestions do you experienced Reintroducers have for the breakdown of dairy products for Reintroduction?


For example, how many sub-categories do we need to test separately? Should we do yogurt by itself on one day, then, say, cottage cheese on a different day, and then a day of milk, cream, and non-clarified butter?


Should we do cheeses separately from other dairy products, and if so, should we do soft cheeses separately from hard cheeses, and in what order?


Where would reintroduction of ice cream and gelato fall in the process and would those foods need a separate day all for themselves because of their added sugar content?


We're fine with a very slow roll process, if needed, but don't want to drag it out endlessly, either, if it doesn't make much of a difference for us to determine how we react to casein, lactose, etc.


I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions - thank you all in advance!

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Since I haven't received any suggestions in response to my query in this thread, I spent a pretty significant amount of time searching the Reintroduction forum using "dairy" as my search term, and found a couple of posts that discussed the issue, though none really set out any recommended order. For guidance, I also did some Googling of terms like "lactose content of different dairy foods" and "casein content of different dairy foods" and based on information and recommendations from several different sites, I came up with a Slow Roll Reintroduction plan for dairy that I hope will go from lowest potential impact to highest potential impact:

1. Full fat Greek yogurt - fermented dairy with lower lactose and bacteria that helps break down lactose in the gut

2. Full fat organic butter, cream, sour cream - low to no lactose content, mostly healthy fat but still contains some casein

3. Hard (ripened) cheeses - low to no lactose content, higher casein content

4. Soft cheeses (including cream cheese and cottage cheese) - higher lactose content, lower casein and higher whey content

5. Ricotta - high lactose content and whey content

6. Full fat milk (including ice cream) - high lactose content

Hopefully, with this breakdown, we will be able to judge whether any adverse effects we experience are the result of lactose or of casein so that we can narrow our consumption appropriately. We plan to take several Whole30 compliant days in between dairy reintroductions and have already started the process. I will be posting our experiences on my log here in the Forum and I hope someone else may find this suggested order helpful when trying their own Slow Roll for dairy...


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W. Eric Rau - thank you so much for creating this! I've been on Whole30 for about 90 days now trying to reintroduce in sub groups (most of the time just one food at a time) due to severe food allergies. I would be curious to see your other slow roll plans for gluten-free and gluten-containing grains if you wouldn't mind sharing!



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