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Day 7 and tummy trouble


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Day 7=tummy issues for me. Feeling nauseous and having some poo issues these past 2 days...thinking it might have been the almond butter I ate over the weekend (no added sugar, just straight-up almonds). I swear, the Whole30 is going to turn me into a vegetarian! Just the thought of protein makes me queasy right now.

I'm an egg eater in the am (usually with bacon or sausage, and fruit--berries, 1/2 an apple, or a pear), a salad eater (kale, cabbage, or mixed greens) with turkey, chicken, or tuna for lunch, and a fish/beef/chicken and two veggie sides eater for dinner with snacks of coconut meat, cashews, and veggies in-between. I sometimes add tomato, mushrooms, peppers, and onion to my eggs but I just can't stomach too many veggies in the morning.

I'm kinda surprised at my feelings of aversion...I love food and it seems like during the past two days, I really haven't *felt* like eating, even though I'm hungry. I caught myself searching for "data" to justify my desire to quit (Googling things like "Whole30 is bad for you" and "Paleo is unhealthy"). I know, I know. :)

My husband finally said, "Look. No one is forcing you to do this. You are making the choice. Take some ownership of your desire to complete it." Point taken! Thanks, dear.

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