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Whole30 - Completed


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Today is the day I can say I completed my Whole30!


I’ve never been so proud of myself for following this all the way through. There were times when it felt like I wouldn’t make it or I’d just give up and try another time. But what I learned is every day it got easier. It’s like any habit; I was eating the wrong foods and retraining myself to go for more healthier choices.


I’m so glad I heard of this program because I’ve never felt so good. It’s funny to say I actually feel “normal”. There are no sugar cravings, I always feel satisfied after each meal, my motivation is strong and I have gained self-confidence in myself.


I’ll start my reintroductions, but I think I’ll still try to keep my lifestyle to the Whole30/paleo as much as I can. I’ve already started to buy things to make new substitutes such as stevia for sugar, cashew milk for dairy milk or zucchini noodles or pasta noodles.


After all my hard work I’ve lost 10 pounds and 5 inches all around in such a healthy and natural way. I’ve tried lots of things to loose weight like protein shakes, portion sizes, counting calories, eating healthy with one cheat day, but this was defiantly the most safe and successful one out of all of them. 


If you want to do the Whole30 to eat clean or loose weight or just because you want to try a challenge I would highly recommend it. You’ll learn so much about food and yourself and feel amazing after it’s all over. 



I've attached my Whole30 Meal Plan if anyone wants to take a peek :)

Whole30 Meal Plan.pdf

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