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Hello My name is Elizabeth and I am ready to change my life!


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My name is Elizabeth I am a mom to 3 amazing kids and a really rad husband. I am your typically diet expert you know start a program then it ends and I fall back into old habits!

I came across Whole 30 last week and bought the book. Because last week I realized I was more concerned with the food I was buying my puppy to make sure she had all natural ingredients and no fillers. I wanted my puppy to have the best food she could have and I was so proud of myself for taking such great care of her. Meanwhile I was filling my body and my kids bodies with processed foods! I did feed them good food too but why was I ok with myself and my kids having the fillers and processed food but not ok with my puppy having that!! It was a smack in the face! At the same time I found the book I was also sitting in the hospital with my mom after she was recovering from her surgery to remove her thyroid cancer.

I decided right then I needed to really think about the food we were eating. 

I workout a lot and I thought I ate healthy but I was eating to little when I was on my healthy kicks and then the weekend would come and I would eat cookies , ice cream, carbs and then some more carbs. Well you see I thought I ate so good all week I deserved to have these treats!! 

But I constantly felt tired and run down. 

I loved reading It Starts with Food! I loved learning how the right food works for you and what the bad food was doing to me. 

Last summer I was also diagnosed with IBS and this year everything I tried didn't help. 

I am praying this does!

So today is day 2 I am doing really good. I get a headache at night from the sugar detox but I know it won't last forever.  :)

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Hi efox and congratulations on starting this. I am on day 28 and will likely extend to a W60 or 90 because i finally feel better and not in the grip of my g=food cravings.  The headaches will absolutely fade and I hope it helps your IBS.  Good luck!!

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