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Food timing, weight loss, and other questions when BF

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Hi Guys!


Baby girl is almost 4 months now. I did a W30 last March/April and it was amazing. Here are a few questions/concerns I have now:


1. My usual weight ranges from 130-135 (I'm 5'5"). Right now I"m about 140. I really want to lose the rest of my weight because a. I want to fit into my clothes a little bit better, c. get toned and healthy. BUT


1a. I am having the darndest time getting my meal times right. Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I don't. When I don't I eat a HUGE dinner. Even though everything is compliant I really want my food consumption to be better during the day. I have had no supply issues, in fact, I think I have more milk than my other two pregnancies! I definitely attribute that in part to W30. 


1b. On days when I don't time my meals right, is it better that I sip coconut milk rather than snack, on say, fruit and nuts? Will sipping that help me lose my weight? 


2. Is it OK to eat a lot when you are BF, and can you lose your baby weight even if you are hangry?


3. You are allowed to tell me your honest opinion here: Is it kind of crazy I am obsessing about weight loss right now?


Thanks for the help!

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In response to question 1: eat 3-4 meals a day. Eat within an hour of waking. If you have the urge to eat more between meals, it's better to have a "mini meal" than a snack. Aim for proteins, fats and veggies and keep nuts to a minimum. And sip away at coconut milk. It'll help keep you energized.

2. Breastfeeding moms are expected to eat 4 template meals (or 3 meals and two mini meals.) you shouldn't be "hangry". Eat if you're hungry. Follow the template.

3. As so many people have told me with both pregnancies of mine, nine months to gain the weight, so nine months to lose it isn't a bad deal. Cut yourself some slack. Think of this as a program to reset your relationship with food. Weight loss may happen but i wouldn't stress it personally. There may be other underlying issues than those 5 lbs. and that may be that you get more muscle tone/mass and losing fat.

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