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Need to quickly increase blood sugar after procedure

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I am starting W30 in September. Around days 12 & 14, I will be having a procedure while fasting that will take my blood sugar down with insulin to around 65, and shortly after I will need to bring it back up to 75 or above. I usually run about 85 or 90 fasting. What is the best way to stay W30 compliant but increase my blood sugar? I've done this procedure before and typically get the job done with a sandwich of almond butter & honey on sourdough, a banana, applesauce or some other fruit, maybe a honey & oat granola bar, and a couple of cran-grape juices. The last time I did this they had to give me dextrose and apple juice because I wasn't increasing quickly enough. I'm concerned that I won't be able to use my usual tricks if I want to stay compliant. Any suggestions? 

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