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Meal Planning and a Lap Band


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I'm starting my first W30 on Monday, 08 August. I'm really excited and I feel I'm ready to do this.


I have a concern about meal planning. I have a four or five year old lap band. We were never able to get the fill right and I was always either hungry or unable to eat anything without throwing it up; the restriction was always either too loose or too tight. I eventually gave up and stopped going back to the lap band doctor. I do plan to go and have all the fill removed, if I can ever get my insurance company on board.


However, for now, I really struggle sometimes to eat a cup of food at a time, and was encouraged to eat smaller, more frequent meals. So, you can imagine that I kind of freaked out when I saw a recommendation to eat one to three cups of veggies and only three meals a day. 


Does anyone have experience with this? Or thoughts? I really want to set myself of for success. I want to do the program as well as I can, so I'd appreciation any input or suggestions you might have.



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The three meals a day recommendation is for average people. Those who physically cannot eat large enough meals to only eat three meals can adapt that part of the program as needed. Note that this isn't license to graze all day -- Plate up your food, sit down, and eat mindfully, just do it more than three times a day. Don't just wander through the kitchen and grab a handful of something here and there throughout the day.


For vegetables, if there are particular vegetables that cause issues for you, skip those and eat other ones instead. Aim to keep your proportions of protein, fat, and vegetables in line with the meal template, just in smaller portions. So overall, unless they causes major issues, you should be eating more vegetables than protein or fat.

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