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Beating the binge! <3 Progress Pics Included


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Hi! I struggle with binge eating and anxiety. I am trying whole 30 to help me stop obsessing over food and start treating my body with love and respect.  I want to feed it nourishing food instead of buckets of doughnuts and piles of candy bars.  I love healthy foods but turn to junk foods when I get anxious, upset, bored, or even happy.  But I want this! I want to be healthy, to prove to myself that I can make 30 days completely clean.  Clean of binging, clean of sugary processed junk, clean of obsessing over food!


I planned and purchased my food for tomorrow.  Going to get a good night's sleep in preparation for day one.


Wish me luck! <3


Day 0 body:




I'll post body updates every week.

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