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Pre-Workout Snack only OK on light cardio days??


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I wake up at 3:45 am and meet a group  for an hour walk/run from 5 am to 6 am. ( 2 days a week). I am home again by 6:15

to fix & eat my first meal by 6:30 am.  


As it's more than 1 hour between waking and breakfast, is it ok to just eat just a pre-workout meal of 1 hard boiled egg upon waking to get my system going and wait until 6:30 for my first meal?  I don't feel the workout is hard enough to justify a protein/carb

post-workout meal as soon as I'm done with my walk/run. 


On the days I do resistance training ( 5X5 / 3 days a week) I do eat a post workout meal of protein/starchy carb to eat as soon as I get back into my car and have meal 1 30 minutes later.   

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