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Day One Starts Tomorrow!

Pandora Black

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I just bought the Whole 30 (the book), made a recipe planner, went shopping, and am starting my challenge tomorrow. I'm very excited. I joined this forum for support :)

I am 34 and morbidly obese. I weigh 280 lbs at 5'4". Previously I was mostly vegan, and literally lived on bread, pasta, seitan (gluten based meat replacement), soy products, rice, beans, and green smoothies. I have bipolar disorder, an anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, back pain and hypertension all of which I hope will improve on the Whole 30. 


Giving up bread and soda are going to be my biggest challenges. Those two things I cannot have in moderation, I will just consume huge amounts and I know that's not doing me any favors.


In my spare time I love to knit, read (currently reading the Game of Thrones series), watch movies, do yoga, take pictures. I am a huge hippie and crazy cat lady. I also have a parrot who is very mean but I love her dearly. I volunteer on the weekends with a local no-kill kitten rescue. 


I can't wait to get to know everyone!


-Lindsay aka Pandora Black

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So it's day 2 and I feel great. I'm not tired at all. I am dealing with some cravings, though. Like I want a soda, bad. I am drinking coconut water and water with lemon and mint instead, which helps, but you know...I am so used to having that rush of sugar regularly throughout the day (I was a very heavy soda drinker and carbaholic).

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