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11 pounds lighter after 1st whole 30


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I finished my first whole 30 on July 30. Since then I have added wine and vodka, but have otherwise decided to keep following the eating regimine because I feel so great.

I have been overweight my entire life. Prior to Whole 30 I was eating way too much sugar, was always craving sweets and carbs and was often hungry. I also frequently had heartburn, gas and felt bloated and just gross.

Whole 30 has gotten rid of all of these things, and given me so much more:

- I feel satisfied and satiated with my meals, and rarely hungry

- I have zero cravings

- My skin looks amazing

- I am proud that I was able to stick to the plan 100%, and motivated by the benefits to change my way of life and eat this way or close to it forever

- My knees no longer hurt when climbing stairs

- I lost 11 pounds!

I LOVE this plan and how eating in this way makes me feel. I was able to stick to the plan for 5 days in Tahoe and 2 days in LA, which was always my downfall.

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