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Spaghetti meat seasoning blend?


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Pre- whole30, I admit I used those little

McCormick packets of recipe helpers for tacos, spaghetti and the like. Last week I googled

Whole30 taco seasoning and made my own. My family lived it and now I have an MSG/sugar/preservative free

Version of my easy taco seasoning. I can't find one for spaghetti that doesn't use sugar and other taboo seasonings. Doesn't anyone a blend for me? I guess I could throw something together- which is what desperate times will for by 5:30 but instead of reinventing the wheel, I figured I would ask first! I am assuming I would add this blend to my sautéed onion and grass fed ground beef along with a can of organic tomato sauce and some water. I'll Serve over zucchini for me and noodles for


Thanks in advance.

By the way, my name is Jennifer, I am on day 10 and I am doing this! I can't believe it but I am!

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Spaghetti seasoning is very basic for me: dried oregano, salt (preferably garlic salt, but sea salt otherwise), pepper, and a bay leaf. Mixed in with ground beef, diced green bell pepper, diced onions, tons of sliced mushrooms, and tomato sauce -- maybe with Italian sausage or meatballs. Nothing else is really needed.

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I rub the pot with garlic before I cook, olive oil sauté sausage add San Marzanos paste and tomatoes add bay leaf, chilli flakes, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, taste while it simmers and adjust. I use fresh herbs. According to my Nonna If you use good ingredients you you shouldn't have to add lots of seasoning. 

For non-meat (this is my pizza sauce), I infuse anchovies in olive oil on a medium high heat until it dissolves and add garlic, tomatos some of the seasoning above. It is a phenomenal flavor. 

I don't believe in adding veggies to sauce (serve with yes) but it dilutes the sauce. 

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