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Starting First Whole30 on August 6th


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Hi, I'm Dawn.  I'm getting ready to start Whole30 on August 6th.  I have both the Whole30 book & ISWF.  I'm learning so much from each of them.  


I'm here because I think my body is reaching the end of its' ability to adapt to my crappy diet of too much sugar, fat, grains...actually, just about everything.  I'm supposed to have lab work done in conjunction with my annual physical & I'm petrified that something's finally going to be off kilter.  I've gained so much weight over the past 2-3 years that I'm having a hard time doing the most basic things.  I get out-of-breath when I walk or clean house so I primarily sit on my arse in front of the computer screen.


It seems as if I've done every food plan known to human-kind.  I don't do anything for very long--the sugar & fat addictions eventually take over & I'm back where I began.


I'm not much of a meat-eater but I'm willing to give it my best.  Eggs will be my go-to in my meal planning.  


I value the experience of everyone here & will contribute what I find to be true & helpful for me along the way.  Thank you for being here.  



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