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Starting out pre-W30, I have gotten healthier with my food choices thanks to my roommate going from "poor to ok" to fair to decent" with his influence, and am now on Day 4 of the W30... ... And am still trying to figure it out (taking more ownership in it than my roommate as we do this together.)

I work FT (and frequently OT) as a valet in DT. I almost always close working 3pm-11pm (or later). My garage is a legitimate 1/2-3/4 mile from my driveway and I do try to jog or run back an forth. As the valet supervisor, I log 3-7 miles a shift, more as a regular valet. I'm planning to take in baked chicken breast to add to the limited salad bar available as the shift meal.

Additionally, I wake up around 9am (after getting to bed around 12-1am) and try to get to the CF Box at 11:30am 3 times a week. Then then have a 30 minute drive back.

Any thoughts on when or how much I need to eat? I just found the meal plan pdf just a little while ago. But trying to balance the 3 MEALS ONLY and then the Pre/Post WO.

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You'll need to eat to the high end of the template. The guide is 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein (that's the length, width & depth of YOUR palm, not your room-mates), but it's the minimum recommendation and it's perfectly okay to eat more if you are particularly active - and embrace the fat - fat is really gonna be your friend here. FILL your plate, protein first, fill the remainder with veg, then add you fat, ignoring what you use for cooking.

If your day is long it's okay to add in a mini meal at some point made up of at least 2 of the 3 food groups, with protein & fat being your best option. If you really need it make this a full sized meal, but try not to snack - you really want to leave as long as possible between meals to allow your body to learn to tap into it's fat stores for fuel.

I think I read on another thread that your WO is around 2hrs after wakening - I'd 2nd what Shannon said there and eat a full breakfast, skip the preWO and ensure you get in the postWO meal of a lean protein & (optional depending on fitness goals) starchy carb.

So breakfast @ 9:30, WO @ 11:30, postWO as soon as you are done (don't wait to get home), lunch around say 2pm, dinner @ maybe 6pm & then a mini meal later on in the evening maybe @ 10pm leaving you time to digest before sleep @ 12/1. Of course if you don't need the mini meal skip it , and definitely tweak as you go - it may take a few days to settle into a new routine - you may find in a few days that you need to eat less often than you think you do right now.

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Additionally, you would have to eat a bucket of salad to get enough veggies in a meal because salad becomes green juice when chewed. The meal template guideline of filing your plate with veggies is based upon cooked veggies, not salad. So you will probably need more food than chicken breast and salad for a meal at work. 

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