Legumes : Before and After Whole30


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So far, I have reintroduced legumes (twice, actually, just to make sure) and then gluten-free grains. Before Whole30 I would eat legumes occasionally and do not recall ever having any problems. The items I used for reintroduction were peanuts, garbanzo beans and soy sauce. not at the same meal. I had a very bad digestive reaction to the peanuts and the garbanzo beans. Nothing of notice with soy sauce. So I repeated about one week later with just the garbanzo beans and peanuts. Same problem. Then another time just the soy sauce, hoping it would be ok. The use of soy sauce did not cause any trouble for me. 


How does this happen, that a person can eat something all their life with no noticeable difficulty and then after whole30 it is not tolerated? 

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Your gut grows a thick mucosal lining to protect it from irritants. During a Whole30, when irritating foods are removed, the thick lining sloughs off. When you reintroduce irritating foods, the "protection" that had been keeping you from feeling the irritation is gone and you feel what is going on. If you keep eating peanuts and garbanzo beans, the thick mucosal lining will regrow and you will not feel the irritation the way you are now. It will still cause inflammation in your body, but you will not notice it so directly. 

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