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I am in my first week of Whole30 and so far so good. I have been following the 3 meal plan strictly. My snacks are very minimal to things like an avocado, almonds, water and a small piece of fruit. Some days I need it, others not really.

My big question comes to meal portion size. I am 6'8" tall and practice sports. Because I have been injured, I am keeping my workouts light at the moment.

That said during my meals I tend to eat well to fill myself so I don't get hungry in between meals. Is that ok? I ussualy get seconds but not going overboard.

I read in the book the hand size portion part but they seems small for a guy of my frame. Even though my hands are proportional to my size. :-)

Trying to figure out if this issue is a deal breaker for the program.

Thanks for any input!

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I think eating until you are full, not stuffed and satiated for the next 4-5 hours is fine.

My protein portion are often way bigger than my delicate little lady palm :)

p.s if you have a look at my log there are photos of my meals, I'm 5'3 and 128ish lbs.

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