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Kristyn's Whole30 Log - starting Aug 5


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It's Day One. I feel good. Usually right about now (between 3-4 pm) I'm wanting a snack. But I don't feel hungry. I brought a banana to work just in case, but anytime I think about grabbing for it, I make myself think hard and realize, oh I'm not actually hungry right now. I don't need it. I'll just have a sip of water and be good to go.


One thing I'm already missing? Mints and gum. Can I have gum? I forget. What if it's sugar free? Man, I really want a mint right now. I think I'll become a 3-times-a-day teeth brusher.


Here's what I've had so far:

(Since I started on a Friday aka mid-week shop and prep, there was no prep, only shop, so my meals today are simple.)

M1: 3 scrambled eggs (no butter in the pan!), a handful of grapes and a banana. Also cold-brewed iced coffee with coconut milk - sidenote: I've been doing the coconut milk thing for several weeks now to mentally prepare myself for no Splenda and I freaking love it!

M2: Went home for lunch since I didn't pre-pack it and woke up late this morning... small can of tuna on a bed of mixed greens with carrot slivers and a hard-boiled egg, topped with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. Yum! And that's kept me full all afternoon!


Tonight's M3 plan: Perfect burger using ground turkey w/ basic mayonnaise and roasted tomato with a side of a whole sweet potato (no butter!)


Like everyone else, day one is a "no prob bob". We'll see what tomorrow brings! (I'll be eating the same meals. Meal shop and prep day is Sunday when I hit the store with my momma - she and daddy are doing their own version of Whole30 with me)


A real bummer: forgot to do my before shot and pre-Whole30 measurements. So tackling those tomorrow morning. Day 2 is as good as Day 1 right? ;) At least it's not a food cheat!


Here goes nothing...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Ok so I'm not so good at this log thing. But you know what I am good at? This Whole30 thing! OH man I'm loving it and I'm just going to keep living it right on past the 30th day. As it stands now, I'm on day 19 and feeling great. People may hate me for this but I never felt the "symptoms" that are explained in the book other than one day of testiness and a couple of days of fatigue. Oh and just the other night I had my junk food dream! It was a big ol' piece of chocolate cake and I was so mad at myself for cheating!

I will say I wish I'd kept working out solidly throughout. I'm picking it up now and feel great but I feel like I could've done so much more and would be so much farther along if I had been working out the whole time. 

I'm finding that I want to do things outside of just food to change my lifestyle. I recently ordered a stand-up desk piece to sit on my regular desk. I'm standing now as I type this! It just came in this morning. I'm so excited to use this, to not just be sitting on my haunches all day long. I think it will really improve my back strength and just my overall activity level during the day. 

Food-wise I really went after it last night. I've kept things simple so far but I dove in headfirst for the first time and it feels great. I made 3 meals in just 90 minutes that will last me all week. 

1- my own breakfast frittata - w/ jalapenos, red bell pepper, onions, and the Whole30 perfect sausage, oh and of course eggs. I ate it for breakfast this morning and it was delicious! The only downside? I ruined my brand new iron skillet that my mom got me. It was my first time using it and I screwed it up. I'm so mad! I'm going to do some research to figure out if I can fix it or not, but it also only cost $23 at Cracker Barrel so I may just replace it. I was so excited to finally use it too!

2- a chicken curry dish that I found online - the only non-compliant ingredient was corn starch so I substituted coconut flour. I haven't eaten it yet - it wasn't ready until after 10 last night. But it'll be dinner tonight - over cauliflower rice! It sure smelled good last night though.

3-I freaking love the perfect burger, except I make a few additions. I use ground turkey meat. I add shredded carrots and diced onion. Last night I also added just a touch of tabasco and cayenne. I like things spicy! That will be lunch tomorrow.

I'm loving fruit. I've always been horrible about buying it and using it, other than freezing my bananas for smoothies, but Whole30 is teaching me how much to buy and how quickly I need to eat it before it goes bad. I've bought cantaloupe, baby watermelon, bananas, apples, grapes, raspberries, etc. Yum! But I'm also being very careful to not rely on fruit as my "something sweet". Meaning: no fruit after a meal, only as part of a meal. 

I went to a friend's house last week for dinner. She'd done Whole30 about 18 months ago so she made a Whole30-approved dinner for us and our moms who were also there. But then she brought out what she called a "Whole30-approved dessert". Ha! Obviously she didn't do the Whole30 perfectly back in her day. Since sugar is my weakness, I am doing it as perfectly as possible. Nothing that even resembles a sweet treat or dessert is crossing my palate during these 30 days. And even after, I've already decided it will absolutely only be special occasions.

Anyway, I wish I could say I'd be better about this log thing but today is 1st day back at school where I work. There's barely enough time to breathe, let alone type a log. So for now - it's on to completing day 19!

Feeling good!

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