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Hello World! Day 1 starts NOW...


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I have been on low fodmap for a couple years. I take various meds, have had all the tests, exams and work-ups you can imagine.  End result of that was, "Congratulations, you have IBS."  This basically means they don't know.


Last night into today, my IBS has been a 9 out of 10, and it's killing me.  I haven't felt this bad in months. 


I have a friend who did Whole30, and she tells me it really helped her situation.  

So, what the heck, let's start Whole30 today and see what happens.  



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Well, I thought I could just buy and eat stuff on a list of pre-approved foods.  After exploring the Whole30 program, and reading testimonials etc. prep and planning is key to success.  I think I can plan it out, and get a friend of mine to be a sponsor, etc.  So, DAY 1 isn't happening today.  But I have started down a better path, and that's a good thing.   

What am I going to do today?  I am going to pick a recipe and go to the grocery to buy those specific items, and make one recipe.    Many habits start small and specific.  Let's see what happens, eh?

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