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Start Date August 1, 2016


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Hi all,

First time trying the Whole30. Can't believe I didn't hear about it sooner. The personal trainer I just hired recommended to me. Hopefully lots of changes in store for me!

I've put on 28 kilos since leaving rehab for addiction 18 months ago. I've already succeeded once in making a lifestyle change (to literally save my life), and now promising myself I need to treat this the same way.  Support from people who understood my struggle was essential to my recovery from drug addiction, so I can imagine how much the support from this forum is going to help me complete this challenge.

Most of my diet attempts last about 1-2 weeks of really disciplined eating before one cheat day turns into a cheat month. I figure doubling my personal best of 2 weeks to finish the 30 day challenge isn't a huge ask, but really hoping to kick off some long term adjustments with this. Also hoping I get motivated enough get creative and try some of these recipes instead of sticking to basics and hating life.

Wish me luck! Please!


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