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Day 12....digestive problems

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Hello! I am on Day 12 of my Whole30, and am concerned about having diarrhea every single morning since beginning. I started Whole30 to "fix" my digestive problems, which was mostly constipation before the program. Now I'm on the complete other end. Its every morning almost right after waking up. 

I have been eating low FODMAPS since about Day 4, and that really helped clear up some gassiness/cramping. I cook nearly all of my veggies to ensure easier digestion, with the exception of salads here and there. I very much limit fruit intake to about 1 serving every other day. But still I am having the same digestive distress. I have read that increased Fat intake can be a contributor to this....? 

I am 5'7', age 22, and about 120 lbs. I have been losing weight since being on Whole30 (looser fitting pants) which is of some concern as well because I am used to struggle with eating disorders and need to maintain a healthy weight! I have been feeling ravenous come dinner time. 

Here is a sample of my meals for a few days: 

Day 1: 

Breakfast: 2 eggs sauteed in EVOO, 1.5 cups spinach 

Lunch: Can of tuna, leftover egg from morning, carrots

Dinner: Pork chops, white potatoes (roasted in EVOO), orange bell pepper 

Day 2: 

Breakfast: 3 eggs sauteed in EVOO, white potato hash, red peppers 

Lunch: Beef brisket, another egg, carrots

Dinner: 2 salmon patties, large salad with romaine and tomatoes, EVOO, handful of pecans 

Day 3: 

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1.5 cups spinach, sauteed in EVOO, 1/4 cup pumpkin puree with sprinkle of coconut flakes 

Lunch: Chicken with spring mix salad, oil and vinegar as dressing, banana, 14 pecans 

Dinner: White potatoes, roasted in EVOO, 5 oz. flank steak, green beans 

Day 4: 

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1.5 cups spinach, sauteed in EVOO, 1/4 cup pumpkin puree with sprinkle of coconut flakes 

Lunch: Pork chops, leftover white potatoes, carrots, 14 pecans 

Dinner: Roasted lake trout, 1/2 sweet potato, green beans

I plan on limiting the pecans going forward, but again, have had the same digestive problems since Day 1, and I have not been eating pecans every day. 


Thank you!  


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I would suggest adding in some apples.  Apples tend to help keep excrement a good consistency.  It will help firm it up, but not to your previous level of stool.  I would say you are getting more starch than fiber.  Broccoli and artichoke would also help out. I hope that helps!

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Fat is not your problem here - if anything I'd say you could do with more of it, as well as more veg (most of your meals look a little light to me), and as the previous poster has said more non starchy veg specifically to provide more fibre. How is your water intake?

Definitely ease off on the nuts too.

If you are concerned about losing weight you might want to have a read at >this article<

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Thank you for the advice! The only catch to these suggestions is I am following a low FODMAP diet so that really rules out the apples, broccoli, artichoke as options. Would you suggest increasing soluble fiber vs. insoluble fiber? 

Also water intake is very good. 

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I am a newbie but wondering if more pumpkin would help?  I know that it helps with pets and diarrhea.  One of my issues is the digestive system and I have seen an increase in symptoms as well, but it is very early for me, only at the beginning of Day 4!

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