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Day 31 - Chronic back pain gone after first Whole 30


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I learned about Whole30 from a Facebook friend last summer.  I thought it sounded interesting, but believed it would be too difficult for me to do because I loved food so much and struggled with eating vegetables.  I thought about it again in May and decided to see if it would help with the chronic back pain I’ve had for 20 years, never going more than a few days without pain.  I am so glad I tried it because Whole30 has improved my life in ways I could never have thought possible.  I am now pain free and I lost 12 lbs.  I’m 49 years old, currently weigh 137 lbs, and am 5’5”.  I never cheated and it was much easier than I expected. 


Since I wanted to start after my birthday so I could celebrate by eating out for dinner, I spent about 5 weeks preparing and doing research.  I believe this helped in my success because I was so excited and ready to get started and put everything I had learned into action.


On the night of Day 8, I had severe neck and back pain and knew I would need to go to my chiropractor the next day.  I woke up on Day 9 pain free and have basically been pain free ever since.  I was surprised that it actually reversed the pain I was feeling.  I realize how bad I felt prior to Whole30 now that I feel so great.


One of my biggest challenges was a taco bar at work for lunch on Day 29.  One of our managers bought lunch for everyone (30 people) in my office and the food was spread out in our break room.  Mexican food is my favorite and smelling the food throughout our offices and having to see it while I microwaved my lunch was tough, but I felt empowered since I was able to get through the temptation without giving in!


To say this is life changing is an understatement!  I plan to begin reintroducing foods beginning with wine today, then eliminating the foods that cause reactions for me.  Thank you to everyone involved with Whole30 for your inspiration and help for people like me!

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