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Starting August 8th


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I wanted to start last week, but wanted to make sure I have meals planned out and also that I got rid of all of the bad food in the house before I started.  I can't throw out food, no matter how bad it is for you - wasting food is not something that I can ever do.  Even if I buy food at a restaurant and I am full, I will take the food home that is left over, or if I can't take it home, I will try my best to donate it or give to someone else.

Sooooo I'm starting tomorrow! But I'm also worried.

Has anyone else ever done Whole30 without their significant other NOT participating in the program?

I'll be cooking and buying for just myself which is weird, but also worries me that the cravings for carbs will get to me, since his favourite food is pizza. Any tips you have found work for cravings or curbing cravings? Have you converted people you live with to the program?


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Today is Day 1 for me as well. Yay to us! I am on the same boast as you. My husband is not doing Whole 30 with me but is extremely supportive. Unfortunately, he loves pizza and eats it quite frequently. But we can help each other out when it gets tough.


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