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Alcarm77 - second whole30


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Today I'm starting my second Whole30. I first did one in April 2015 and got very good results. From May to December 2015, although I was occasionally non-compliant, I ate a lot more healthily than I had been doing before. Since January, I've found it more and more difficult not to eat sugar and have put on around 30lbs. This Whole30 is an attempt to take back control of my eating habits, and to fit back into my clothes, as my wardrobe is pretty reduced at the moment.

Day 1 breakfast: Scrambled eggs with olives, beef mince, sundried tomatoes and red peppers.

Day 1 lunch: Pork belly slices with ginger, lemongrass and orange juice (to make a sauce/glaze), carrot, cucumber.

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Day 2 breakfast: eggs with mince and sauerkraut

Day 2 lunch: Pork belly with spice, cauliflower rice, beetroot, carrot, cucumber

Day 2 snack: apple

Day 2 dinner: Pork belly, eggs with mince, olives and artichokes.

I went out straight after work and was very hungry by the time I got home, so I had quite a big dinner. I was out somewhere that has cakes and chocolate, but didn't feel too tempted.

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Day 3 breakfast: eggs with mince and sauerkraut

Day 3 lunch: Pork belly with spice, cauliflower rice, beetroot, carrot, cucumber

Day 3 snack: apple

Day 3 dinner: Pork fat.

I slept well; I can feel a difference when I'm not eating sugar. I think I may have dreamed about eating non-compliant foods. I did a lot of exercise after getting home from work, so didn't feel too hungry for dinner. I felt quite bloated in the evening.

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Day 4 breakfast: eggs with mince and sauerkraut

Day 4 lunch: Pork shoulder with spice, cauliflower rice, beetroot

Day 4 snack: carrot, cucumber

Day 4 dinner: Pork fat, pork shoulder, avocado, home-made caramelised onions

I usually cook my breakfast in bulk at the beginning of the week, which is why I eat the same most days. I felt really bloated today and my stomach was making lots of weird noises at work. I'm not experiencing the Timeline Day 4 - Kill all the things, and haven't on previous Whole30s.

Today I was busy at work and stayed late. When I left, I started feeling like I "deserved" some chocolate, and I still feel like that now I'm at home. This is a trigger for me, I know I have a tendency to rely on chocolate to pick me up if I've had a busy day. I'm finding it difficult to associate anything else with that rewarding sensation I get from chocolate.

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Day 5 breakfast: eggs with mince and sauerkraut

Day 5 lunch: Pork shoulder with spice, cauliflower rice, beetroot

Day 5 snack: carrot, cucumber

Day 5 dinner: egg, mince, caramelised onions

Last night I dreamed about eating loads of non-compliant foods, such as brownies, and some kind of muffins which were made with avocado so I thought they were compliant, but then I realised they contained chocolate too. In the dream I was also on day 4, and was thinking about how I'd have to explain eating those brownies on the forum! Fortunately, it was all just a nightmare!

I woke up quite early and dozed for a while, then when the alarm went off I was quite tired. I felt pretty hungry today, had all my meals earlier than usual, dinner was at 4.30pm! I exercised and don't feel hungry now, but I still seem to be quite bloated.

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Day 6 - last night I dreamed I ate a chocolate peppermint cream, then realised what I'd done and that it wasn't Whole30. I woke up fairly early, considering it's a weekend, but I felt quite energetic and didn't need to go back to sleep. I was a bit hungry when I went to bed last night, and so quite hungry when I woke up this morning, so I had a big breakfast.

Day 6 breakfast: eggs, sauerkraut (twice as much as usual), beef mince, avocado, mushrooms

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Day 7 and Day 8 - I've been eating similarly for the last two days, and done some strength training on both of those days as well. Last time I tried to go running (Day 6), I got tired really quickly, which I suppose is because I've really cut down on carbs.

My stomach is feeling a bit better now, I'm not so bloated as I was.

The non-compliant dreams have stopped, but I've found it harder to go to sleep for the last few nights. However, when I do get to sleep, I sleep well, and I usually wake up slightly before the alarm clock.

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On ‎16‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 1:49 PM, cjlantier said:

I haven't had any food dreams/nightmares yet, so it was interesting to read about yours. I'm glad they've stopped, though. It's hard enough to deal with this stuff when we're wide awake!

I always seem to get the dreams really early in the timeline. It's probably a sign of what a strong psychological hold sugar has on me.

Days 9 and 10 have been quite tough. I've been really struggling to get to sleep, and then quite tired when the alarm has gone off. I've also felt quite hungry during the day. I was bloated again on Day 9, not quite so bad now on Day 10, but I don't feel like I have much energy and didn't make it through a whole workout this evening.

A colleague brought me some fancy handmade chocolates from her holiday. I shoved them to the back of the drawer, thinking they'll have to wait for the next 20 days, and found some more chocolate there that I must have stashed previously. So now I know I've got some temptation waiting for me at the office.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Japanese restaurant near my house with a group of friends. I love Japanese food, and I think the only thing I'll be able to have is sashimi, one of my least favourites, so that's going to be hard. But that restaurant is so near, I can go any day I want after 6 September!

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I had a disaster at the Japanese restaurant. I ordered sashimi, read the menu really carefully and made sure not to have any that was marinated. When it arrived, it came with ginger and wasabi, which I also ate. I thought I was doing really well and was proud of myself for resisting all the other food that I love.

Last night I had a dream that I was eating compliantly, and then this morning I woke up feeling stuffy, blocked ears, and much more tired than I have been for the last few days. I started to suspect that I had gone off-plan somehow. Sure enough, when I did some online research, it turns out that sushi ginger is pickled with sugar. I hadn't even thought to check the ginger, it never occurred to me that sugar might be involved.

So of course, I'm really disappointed that I'd already made it one-third of the way through, and now I have to restart. On the other hand, it should be a lot easier to start again after 10 days of Whole30, and I think I still don't have lots of activities coming up in September so it shouldn't be too difficult to carry on. I should also reach the point of feeling better a lot more quickly than if I were starting after eating lots of sugar beforehand.

The struggle for me now is that I'm feeling the typical "diet" mentality that now I've broken the streak, I might as well break it thoroughly and eat lots of non-compliant things before starting again. Logically, I know this doesn't make sense and will make things harder for me in the long run. However, I think it's a quite strong psychological habit. I hope I can kick it and make today my new day 1.

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Back to Day 1 - 19 August

I managed to eat compliantly all day, and didn't give in to the temptation to go on a binge before starting again.

Breakfast: Eggs, mince, sauerkraut

Lunch: Rotisserie-style chicken, cucumber, caramelised onions

Dinner: Rotisserie-style chicken

I didn't feel too hungry today, and was out at my normal dinner time so only had a snack meal, before going out again.

Starting again meant that I took measurements and a before photo, which I was too busy to do previously. I could also check my weight and have lost 7 lbs since starting originally.

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