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Just completed week one Whole30


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My name is Lee and I am 47 year old woman who has been overweight for 25 years currently over 200 pounds.  I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, I have hypo thyroid, and I am pre diabetic. I live an active life style with hiking and swimming and I excercise a couple times a week but do not lose weight easily so I give up!! My mother died 66 of complications after triple by pass and diabetes.  I have yo yo'd with my weight and tried every diet out there! Lose 10 gain five lose 40 gain 20.  Can't stick to anything and always go back to bad habits of insane sugar addiction.  I ate when happy, sad, stressed or bored!! I decided to commit to Whole30  because my daughters and husband keep reminding me how they really want me to be healthy and live long enough to enjoy them and thier future children. They are my biggest inspiration for sure!! I COMPLETED my first week and here is what I experienced:

I stuck to seven day menu and felt satisfied and full from all food loved most recipes 

I had sugar/wine cravings during high stress but actually had clarity in my brain to process it as a craving rather than give in!

sleeping better

more energy through out day

skin clearer

tried vegetables and fruits have never had before like endive, spagetti squash and figs

love ghee for cooking

sweet potatoes are so versatile!

I am more awake at night and don't fall asleep watching tv 

I Feel less bloated 

my fingernails are growing

I assume some detoxing was happening because I had random sweats for a couple of days which has never happened to me.

I feel very inspired to continue and see what happens to my blood work because ultimate goal is to get off meds. I made dr /lab appt for end of whole30 I am thankful to have found this program and look forward to reading all of the stories here and on the website! I love the daily email as well!! 

I made myself a vision board and asked family and friends for thier best/favorite quote to help inspire me! One of my favorites given to me was "if your tired of starting over, stop giving up" 

I image.jpegI also made a calender with countdown as recommended and that helps me visualize my accomplishment!!

please share any of your favorite quotes/ inspiration with me and I will add to my board!! Need all inspiration I can get!!

Thanks for listening!! 



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