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Sarah's 2nd real whole 30


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First day back on the wagon.... this topic is just me trying to get some self accountability by posting each day...

Walked into town before work and swam 3/4 mile at the pool - then bought prawns and pineapple for breakfast and a bag of carrots, so not ideal but tasty.

Chicken salad for lunch with olive oil :) really fancying a boiled agg at the moment so might get one for a pre-WO snack then walking home and off for a run after work :)

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why do i feel so full - I'm not eating any differently to normal really....?


x2 eggs, 70g (comp.) bacon, mushrooms & onion for breakfast - cooked in coconut oil

1 can of tuna, massive salad (leaves, pepper, olives, tomatoes, beets) w o.oil for lunch

an apple

x2 boiled eggs pre-WO

x1 (comp) hamburger for tea with another huge salad...

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Swam 1250m before work - took some will power to walk into town in the rain to do it...

managed to prepare breaksfast and lunch before leaving the house so x2 boiled eggs, 60g smoked salmon and two beetroot for breakfast - suprisingly tasty :)

Chicken salad for lunch (chicken breast, pepper, salad leaves, grated carrot, onion, tomato, beetroot, olive oil, with an apple) Fishes for tea (hake) with big pile of veg and a sweet potatoe & ghee (provided I get another 4.5 miles running in this evening).

If I run tonight I iwll have hit my 30 miles p/week goal and that will make me happy. Have a further x2 eggs packed for pre-WO snack if running happens :)



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This week:

Running = 30 miles

Swimming = 2500 metres

Walking = 27 miles

All targets hit :)

Breakfast - super hungry so three eggs, courgette, mushrooms, onion & beetroot cooked in a tsp of cocnut oil.


Next week travelling to US so need to pack lots of food.... could be interesting...

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