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A rant on framily


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My son is 12 weeks old and our "framily" decided to start back our regular dinner nights. No big deal. I made burrito bowls complete with roasted peppers and onions and I even made a ton of rice for our two families (I'm the only w30er right now). Dinner time rolls around and they aren't here. Maybe they're running late? DH texts them and they are in the next town over. They forgot. 

We alternate turns cooking and hosting since we literally live two blocks from then. The kids go crazy and make a big mess. It's a ton of fun and I was cautiously excited (i have a very demanding baby and my toddler asked "what's this?" on the black pepper for the gazillionth time and DH had to make a last minute stop at the store because I forgot the cilantro for the "rice" (I had a ton of caulirice thanks to trader joes!) it was a normal day but my patience was wearing thin. 

And now I want to say screw it. Not the w30, but with cooking for them. Next time, they can cook w30 for me dang it. 

I really just needed to vent. I think I'm in the kill all the things phase. And like my mantra with everything, "this, too, shall pass!" 

Thanks for reading. 

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