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Robin's First Whole30, started August 8th!

Robin R.

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DAYS 16-27: Tiger Blood!  This is the stage when things start kicking in and you feel the effects of your body only taking in good whole foods.   So…

Sure enough (as predicted) I woke up yesterday early (5 am) after a solid night of sleep feeling refreshed, energized and ready to roll.  Feeling positive and happy, clear headed and focused! 

I took Geoff on a field trip to his orthodontist then we went to do a quick shopping trip at Target where he zoomed around the aisles in his walker.  Went on a 1 plus mile walk on the Rail Trail on this glorious day!  Unfortunately since I was in a rush to get out of the house, I only had my coffee and some cashews for Meal 1.  I experienced some real cravings for the first time as we drove past Deb’s, my favorite drive through ice cream place!  We got home and I quickly made a large healthy and delicious lunch for me!   I am absolutely loving the food, and learning new ways to prepare it that keeps me excited about food. 

Tues. 16

Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk cubes, two handfuls of cashews

Meal 2: Chicken protein salad made with last of the rotisserie chicken and my own mayo on tossed garden salad with avocado and nectarines on top.  Beautiful and delectable!  Better than ice cream!

Meal 3: Beef burgers with portabello mushroom buns, sautéed Vidalia Onion, sliced tomato and avocado, oven fries.  My son says the “fries” are so good you don’t need ketchup!  And the buns -  UNBELIEVABLE!  I did not miss those hamburger rolls one bit!! 


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Weds. 17


After an energized day, a bit tired and grumpy today.  Took ½ Trazedone to sleep and only slept until 2:30, so I took the other half and went back to sleep until 5ish.


Meal 1: Half leftover beef burger on top of steamed Swiss chard, with tomato and avocado on the side, topped with mayo. 


Meal 2: Chicken Protein Salad on Spiralized Cukes with Nectarines


Meal 3: W30 Turkey Meatballs (P. 226), with Spiralized Summer Squash sautéed in the coconut oil that the meatballs were cooked in, topped with my W30 Pesto, LaCroix Cranberry Raspberry sparkling water


Thurs. 18


Broken night of sleep.  No Trazedone, only used essential oils, took a long time to go to sleep, work up at 1:15, took half Trazedone, wakened at 2:30 by porcupine noises right outside my window. Slept until 10 of 6. Continue to have drippy nose, could it be ragweed or goldenrod allergies?  In spite of very broken night of sleep, I felt positively zippy today!

Meal 1: Coffee with coconut milk cubes, leftover turkey meatballs with pesto and nectarines on the side.

Meal 2: Tuna protein salad made with mashed avocado, on sliced cukes and tomatoes, grapes

Meal 3: Turkey meatballs with garlic zoodles, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, steamed green beans with my roasted walnut oil,  balsamic, lemon basil and garlic dressing and LaCroix Cranberry Raspberry sparkling water

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I made it!  3 weeks into my Whole30 adventure and staying strong!

Days 21 and 22

Sun. 21

Great night of sleep!  Had so much to do today to prepare for two beloved family members to have dinner and visit us for the first time since Christmas!  Thankfully I had the energy to burn.  Had to take a short break to rest, and then got my second wind!  Awesome and beautiful night with our beloved Dan and Monica!! 

Meal 1: Tea with coconut milk cubes, 2 hardboiled Eggs, Pear

Meal 2: Leftover Ribs with Tangy BBQ sauce, Half an Apple, Olives

Meal 3:  Roasted Chicken Thighs and Roasted Purple, Red and Gold Potatoes, Zoodles in Clarified Butter and Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Tangy BBQ sauce, Broccoli

Mon. 22

I am an energizer bunny!  Still a bit drippy, headaches are still there, but lessened a bit, bloating is gone!  Feeling great!  Positive and content.  I completed a full 3 weeks on the Whole30 and am doing grand! 

Meal 1: Coffee with coconut milk cubes to start.  Egg drop soup (heat broth with coconut aminos, Thai basil, lime juice and coconut milk, whip up egg then drizzle in after hot) SO GOOD!  No veggies ready so I had half of a Granny Smith apple.

Meal 2: My FIRST trip out in three weeks to eat a meal prepared and served to me by someone else!  My oldest daughter Kate and I went to to the "world famous" Red’s Eats where our next child Anna is working so we could have a quick visit with her.   She had told her boss Debbie (the owner/proprietor) that I was on a whole foods elimination diet, so I would want my lobster on lettuce and tomato with no butter or mayo.  (I brought my own LaCroix sparkling water, clarified butter and homemade mayo.)  Kate ordered a lobster roll and lemonade.  Out comes sweet Abbie with a HUGE tray piled high with food!! She was apologizing profusely because Debbie was insistent on gifting us with extra treasures as she apparently thought I would be too hungry with only lobster!   <3  My lobster “roll” was a gigantic heap of fresh lobster meat on a beautiful bed of lettuce with tomato and lemon wedges circling it.  Anna made our rolls as instructed, and then Debbie had to pile on an extra handful!  Anna said that there must have been three whole lobster rolls of meat on there.  We also got an extra-large order of sweet potato fries, their specialty fried scallops and Kate’s ginormous lobster roll.  Not to mention three pieces of glazed lemon pound cake!!  Oh my word!  I had to place the sweet potato fries next to Kate, and moved the cake far, far away!  I sampled the scallops after removing the wonderful fried batter goodness then soaking the scallop in a napkin.  Heaven!  Lobster and scallops are my all-time favorite seafoods!  I never touched the fries or the cake, but I did take my piece of cake home, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and place it out of sight in the freezer.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lemon desserts!  My Sugar Dragon kicked in, but as they recommend you need to wait until the craving passes.  It did and I was able to resist the droplets left on the paper plate it was packed up on for us as I hid the cake out of sight!  I was absolutely STUFFED to the gills which definitely helped!  I stopped by and peeked in the side door of the shack, got Debbie’s attention and told her she was a big BRAT!!  I also told her that we loved her and thanked her profusely!  It truly felt like Kate and I were celebrating our birthdays!!  So I did it, I successfully passed the test my first trip out.  I would call this a BIG WIN.

Meal 3: Haddock baked in clarified butter/coconut oil topped with my home roasted red pepper sauce, whipped potatoes with clarified butter and coconut milk with a tossed garden salad with avocado and my homemade lemon Thai basil vinaigrette!!  More LaCroix – love that stuff!!

I did it!!  Now onto the homestretch!


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I am feeling AMAZING! Whatever it is I want it to continue. I am sleeping better, waking up earlier, and just feeling solid, happy and serene during the day. The brain fog has lifted, the bloated belly has disappeared, and I feel ready to embrace life! Since mid-life crept up on me, I have been taking a med for anxiety/depression and another one to help with insomnia. Just started cutting both of those meds in half to see how I do. Last night I slept great and solidly on the half dose. Woke up raring to go! I am absolutely loving the W30 and how it has helped me in so many ways. I am feeding my body in the most healthful and delicious way possible and changing my relationship with food to one that is more balanced. I now look at every bite I take as fuel for both body and soul to keep me as strong as I possibly can be. My last official day is next Tuesday and after that I will slowly start reintroducing a few foods back into my diet to see how I respond. At this point I feel that I want this to become a lifestyle for me. I feel the sugar, dairy, gluten and soy will have to stay out of my system for a bit longer (even as special treats) so that I can truly see if they have any impact on my headaches or allergies. I will be having a glass of wine on Wednesday evening and will savor every sip! That is first on my list because the following weekend is our 28th anniversary weekend away and I want to have a celebratory drink, or two. :wub:

Tues 23   

I went shopping today and discovered Fiore, an artisan olive oil and vinegar store.  I bought three bottles of deliciousness.  Also bought and drank my first Kombucha (made with a strawberry puree).  

I am in love!  

Meal 1: Coffee with coconut milk cubes, leftover ribs with Tangy BBQ sauce, cherry tomatoes

Meal 2: Cashews, Trader Joe’s turkey burger with red pepper mayo, on garden salad with avocado, topped with Fiores dark cherry balsamic and Persian lime olive oil, Kombucha

Meal 3: Baked Chicken thighs with Gryffon Ridge Mediterranean Seasoning, roasted baby Yukon Gold, purple and red potatoes (coconut oil) with simple avocado, garden tomatoes and cucumber salad mixed with Fiore Black Cherry Aged Balsamic and Persion Lime Olive Oil.  LaCroix Coconut Sparkling Water. 

Weds. 24

Meal 1: Coffee with coconut milk cubes, Leftover Chicken Thigh with Tangy BBQ Sauce, leftover Tomato, Avocado and Cucumber Salad

Meal 2: Leftover Chicken Thigh with Tangy BBQ Sauce over leftover mashed potatoes with clarified butter 

Meal 3: Leftover haddock topped with roasted red pepper sauce, roasted sweet potatoes with clarified butter and cinnamon, tossed salad with romaine, tomatoes, red onions and avocado with homemade vinaigrette (Fiore grapefruit white balsamic vinegar and Persian lime olive oil mixed with Dijon mustard (no wine!) LaCroix grapefruit and cran-raspberry sparkling water.

Healthy is tasting so good!


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Whole30, Days 25 and 26

Rolling right along!  Still feeling awesome and loving the foods.  Four more days to go and I will have been eating this way for THIRTY DAYS.  Planning the re-intro phase which will be combination of the Fast Track and the Slow Roll.  Woo Hoo!

Thurs. 25

Meal 1: Coffee with coconut milk cubes, leftover haddock on roasted sweet potato, sprinkled with Mediterranean Seasoning 

Meal 2: Chile Lime Chicken Burger on garden salad with hazelnuts, avocado, dried Bing cherries and my vinaigrette dressing!

Meal 3: Burgers with red onion, Jet Star tomatoes (from my own garden!), topped with guacamole, with mashed summer squash (with coconut milk and clarified butter) and roasted tri-color baby potatoes

Fri. 26

Meal 1:  Coffee with coconut milk cubes, scrambled beef burger and onion on leftover mashed summer squash.

Meal 2: Scrambled beef burger and onion with leftover roasted sweet potatoes, olives

Meal 3: Burger with cherry tomatoes, red onion and topped with guacamole, Granny Smith apple slices

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DAYS 27 and 28  ALMOST THERE!  I will admit that I am getting a bit tired of planning and cooking 3 meals a day.  Also just a dite grumpy as I research about how best to do my reintroductions: fast track or slow roll?  Or a combination of both.  So many options…

Sat. 27

Meal 1: Coffee with coconut milk cubes, scrambled burger and onion with Sun Gold tomatoes

Meal 2: 2 Hardboiled eggs, olives and red and yellow bell pepper slices

Meal 3: Wedding!  I am very happy to report that I did it!  I successfully went to a wedding and the reception and stayed Whole30 compliant the entire time.  I was able to contact the Event Planner ahead of time and let her know my dietary restrictions so that I could figure out what I could and could not eat at the reception. She was wonderful and told me to bring my own appetizers and salad dressing, but the chicken, green beans and roasted baby potatoes would be made without butter.  So I packed up my cooler with sliced cucumbers, red and yellow bell peppers and Sun Gold cherry tomatoes with guacamole for dipping.  I made deviled eggs by taking out the yolk and mashing it up and mixing it with guacamole (rather than mayo).  I also packed my own vinaigrette dressing: Fiore Grapefruit White Balsamic, Fiore Persian Lime olive oil with organic Dijon mustard (wine free)!   Once we got to the wedding and found out where we were sitting, I went back to the car, took everything out of the cooler and put in a large zip up purse with the ice pack, and set it next to the table.  Very subtle!  Someone sat right next to me at the wedding with a large glass of white wine and I could SMELL it.  I took a deep breath and chuckled with Geoff about the irony.  After the wedding during the social/h'ordeuveres time, I ate my own appetizers and sipped my club soda with lemon and lime wedges.  I was very discreet so I am not sure anyone even noticed.  I was able to resist the cold appetizers (bread and cheese) but snagged a few grapes for myself.  The hot h'ordeuveres started circulating, but I was so full that I was not really tempted even as my husband heartily enjoyed his. (He did ask me if I wanted one of his scallops if he took the bacon off, but I declined.)  And I. LOVE. SCALLOPS.   Very sweet of him though.  Next up, was the dinner.  We sat down and they had poured champagne into glasses at every place setting.  Mmph.  I love champagne too!  I moved it away from me so that I did not pick it up and accidently sip it, and moved my water glass next to my hand.  Every time they did a toast I would pick it up, do the toast, bring it up to my mouth, then set it back down and drink my ice water.  Phew.  Dinner was served and I got my garden salad, then the grilled chicken with no butter, lemon and herb sauce, with my side of unbuttered baby potatoes and green beans.  I pulled out my vinaigrette and put it on everything on my plate.  So, so good.  The chicken was on the dry side so I REALLY needed it.  I was full and satiated and feeling good about the evening so far.  Oh... did I mention that we were seated right next to the wedding cake?!?  Baked goods are another one of my weaknesses.  When it came time for the cake to be served, I politely declined, and pulled out my own cake (Carrot Cake Larabar) as the server sat Geoff's slice in front of him in all of its sweet gooey splendor.  It has the thick frosting on it, the kind that l adore.  I averted my eyes and peeled open my Larabar.  Remember I said I would use it it an emergency only situation?   Well, I considered this an emergency.  I took slow and careful bites and enjoyed the natural sweetness of the dates, coconut, carrots, walnuts and almonds.  I ate every single bite.  I drank my coffee black.  I felt full and satisfied.  Healthy and successful.  I also was able to drive us the 1 1/2 hours home while alert and awake, reflecting on the wonderful celebratory evening, surrounded by happy people.  It was awesome.

Meal 3: 

Deviled eggs with guacamole

Guacamole and veggies: carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, sun gold tomatoes

Garden Salad, Lemon Herb Chicken, Roasted Red Bliss potatoes, green beans topped with my vinaigrette

Carrot Cake Larabar

Sun. 28
Meal 1: Tea with coconut milk cubes, 3 hardboiled eggs with Sun Gold tomatoes, sliced red and yellow pepper with my vinaigrette dressing
Meal 2: Turkey Burger on Green Zebra tomatoes, sliced red onion topped with my mayo, olives, orange, water
Meal 3: Baked country style spare ribs with pork rub, roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli, raspberry lime sparkling water


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I DID IT!  30 full days of nothing but whole, nutrient dense food!  No measuring, no weighing, no counting calories or points.  No weight loss products! No snacking, no major cravings!  I am down 6.4 lbs from the day I started this adventure 30 days ago.  Just up .8/10th of a lb. from my WW lifetime goal weight.  I am feeling pretty darn awesome.  I have cut two of my “old lady” meds in half.  Sleeping better and just feel darned good in body and spirit!  Still having seasonal allergies and my headaches (although I AM going longer and longer between needing to take pain meds.)   I do plan to continue this healthy eating lifestyle for the remainder of my life, although I will be allowing for special foods and treats as they come along.  Re-intros can start today so that I can find out what foods I can add in, as well as foods that I should avoid.  I know I want to keep gluten, dairy and soy out of my diet for longer to see if I can resolve some of the issues mentioned above.  The first thing I introduce is wine!  I have a bottle chilling and will celebrate my success tonight!  

Mon. 29
Meal 1: Coffee with coconut milk cubes, Baked Egg in Avocado with Avocado Mayo on roasted sweet potato with clarified butter and cinnamon
Meal 2: Turkey meatballs, olives, half Granny Smith apple
Meal 3: Chuck Pot Roast, Carrots, Onions, roasted baby potatoes, garden salad with lettuce, garden tomatoes, red onion, red and yellow bell peppers, avocado, toasted macadamia nuts and dried Bing cherries with my newest vinaigrette (Fiore Black Cherry Aged Balsmaic and EVOO)  

Tues. 30
Meal 1: Turkey Meatballs with Green beans and Black Cherry Balsamic vinaigrette, Granny Smith apple slices and almond butter 
Meal 2: Tuna protein salad on tomatoes with avocado  
Meal 3:  Leftover Beef and Carrots, sauteed zoodles, peppers and onions, tossed salad with my vinaigrette!

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