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Hi Everyone!  

I'm new at the forum thing and trying to get myself familiar on how to post.  So forgive me if I ended up in the wrong place!  My endo doctor suggested Whole30 to reset my thyroid and said there are amazing results documented.  

I started August 1, on August 7 my mom had three evils around me:  Donuts from this fabulous little bakery, iced coffee (perfectly sweetened and creamy), and a scale.  I KNOW I'm not supposed to partake in any of the three, but I succumbed to temptation... the scale was my choice.   I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself because this isn't about weight loss, but I had to know!  Well, I stepped on and realized [mod edit to remove scale results] Now I know that is unusual and probably mostly water weight but I was THRILLED to see a result of some sort.  Then I took a selfie --- the picture amazed me!  I compared it to one I took just a week or so before starting and one on the 9th of August.  I have a chin! A neck!  My eyes aren't puffy!  WHAT THE ?!?!?!

I made hamburger lettuce wraps and sold them to my mom as "tacos" she loved them.  I, of course, had cheese for hers (not mine!) and spilled a little on the counter.  I ate it... it surprised me on how AWFUL it was.  I could TASTE the chemicals and the processing.  I don't know if it is my mind playing games, but I was just stunned.  I was NOT tempted at all after that for anything that is not allowed.

My boss at work wants me to watch a PETA show on milking cows so I will stop wanting my iced, creamy, sweetened, glass of heaven -- another co worker had parents who did Whole30 with AMAZING results and I buy spaghetti squash and she makes me lunches for a week with Whole30 sauces.  Another coworker came to me and said, "Tell me about this Whole30." Talk about a support group!

I'm rambling... I'm sorry... but I am so excited that I feel SOOOO GOOD!  Thank you WHOLE30 for the article that let me know what to expect from my body -- it is so funny that I can't wait to read it.  My mom at dinner always asks, "What does your paperwork say about day (insert day)," and we laugh at the humor.  She wishes all diets had a road map like that... informative, down to earth, and funny!

Now ... for the one question I have:  WHAT IS UP WITH THE HOT FLASHES AFTER EATING/DRINKING?!  Is this my metabolism that I never had been introduced to?!  I have been menopausal since surgery in 2009 but these are weird.  Its always after food or drink..  Suggestions?!

Thanks for listening (reading) .... 








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Hey! Thanks for posting, you're totally in the right place! You could also have posted in "Success Stories" if you wanted to.

I love your enthusiasm, this is amazing! Your selfie is fantastic also! Go you!!!! :):) 

Now...some housekeeping: I have removed your scale results. Weighing is as much against the rules as not eating bread or ice cream so we do not permit the results of rule breaking to remain live. We don't want to encourage anyone else to think stepping on the scale is a good idea. I trust you understand the reasoning. :)

Second, that little bit of cheese, unfortunately, reset your reset. So if you were doing Whole30 with the goal of doing an elimination/reintroduction protocol, you would probably want to start over. Because even if your mind didn't reset and you hated it, unfortunately your gut did. :(  If starting over is hard to get behind, you could consider doing a Whole39? (or whatever 30 + the cheese day number was) in order to ensure that you have the best possible result with which to start reintroductions.

As far as being overheated after eating, I'm not really sure. That used to happen to me All The Time........but that was mostly after I'd lost a lot of weight already and I was always freezing cold. Eating upped my body temperature temporarily and it was the only time I was ever comfortable. Eventually things regulated. My guess is that this is part of your hormonal rebalance that is going on. What we eat and when and the things we disclude that cause havoc in our bodies, allows your hormonal balance to find its level. I would guess you wouldn't continue to have this result the entire time but then, that's just a guess. Given that you are menopausal also is a point for it being hormonally related.

Carry on, happy lady! :D 

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Wow your before and after pic is amazing!  And in so little time!  I was so excited reading your post until I read about the cheese :o No Bueno! I know it's super hard not to take a bite or a sip of certain foods others are eating~ it's so hard for me as I'm the one making my boyfriend's meals filled with non-compliant ingredients that I of course want to taste to ensure it's GOOD but I can't and WON'T! You have to stay strong! For me the cheese would definitely mean a reset at day 0, and though you didn't specify your goal I hope you don't get too discouraged and take this as a jumping point for even greater results! :D

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Love the before and after pics! I started whole30 September 6 (currently finishing week three and heading into week 4.) I didn't take a pic at the onset.. Wish I hadn't skipped that step. That said, I certainly feel great, so I know I look better! Prior to whole30 I wasn't eating much cheese.. but my husband loves it and was eating several ounces every day (we're currentlydoing whole30 together and he reports this is what he misses the most). So, I'd love some resources about cheese.....To inform our decisions once we start reintroduction. Thanks in advance, Katrina 

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