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Anyone starting Week of October 8-14, check in!

Sarah Liz

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This thread is for anyone starting this week. I'm hoping we can use this thread throughout the 30 days to check in with others who are starting at the same time.

Here's some basic info we can get from everyone to start it off and get to know each other:

Name (or Alias): Sarah

Location: USA, Illinois specifically

Age: 27

Married? Kids?: I'm engaged, will be married in March, no kids

Job: Financial Analyst

Start Date of Whole 30: October 9th

Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Sarah (neighbor!) and Julia,

I'm on Day 2. :)

Here's my info:

Name: Kelly

Location: Illinois (Chicago area)

Age: 35

Married/Kids: Married with a 1yo boy

Job: Project Manager, Info Systems

Start Date: October 8

A Paleo challenge actually started last week at my CrossFit gym but I didn't want to go strict Whole30 until yesterday. This is because I ran a marathon on Sunday and didn't want to change up my diet too much (aside from just eating cleanly).

Yesterday and today have gone well! I do feel a bit of a low-grade hunger but I have heard that it goes away eventually. It is manageable. I used my crockpot yesterday for the first time in years and made some awesome chicken enchilada stew. Yum!

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Hi everyone. I started the whole30 Oct 5,2012. So that makes me on day 5!! I feel alot better then I thought I would. I had the normal occasional hunger signs but I remember that meaning I didn't eat enough so slowly but surely changing my ways :) I like this idea of helping each other along the way.

Name Tara

location: Kirksville, MO

Age 31

not married and have no kids (but would love to some day :)) My child right now is my 5 year old shitzu Toby!

Job: I work as an RN on a labor and delivery floor. I love my job but I work night shift which makes this whoe30 challenging to say the least.

Start date: Oct 5, 2012

I'm excited to give support and receive support from you all.

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Hi everyone I started on the 8th day three today I have a bit of a headache today but other then that I'm feeling great

Name Elise

I'm in the hunter valley Australia

I'm married with a 15month old

Since a had my baby girl I have lost 70kgs (150lbs) I have 17kgs to go to my goal

Started 8th October :)

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Hi Everyone!

Name: Hope

Location: Charlotte, NC and San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Age: 65

Married/Kids: I'm married, with four adult children (3 daughters, 1 son) and 7 grandchildren.

Occupation: I'm an artist.

Start Date: Tuesday, Oct. 9

I have actually been eating Paleo (about 85-95% compliant) for about a year and a half. It's fantastic. I have lost 75 pounds and regained energy, health and wellbeing I never thought possible. Yes. It works. I am doing the Whole30 to fine-tune some stuff, including cutting out red wine (>:-/) and the occasional dairy cheat and also scaling back on coffee and nut consumption. Also, I have been quite ill for about 3 months with Shingles around my right eye orb and now resultant trigiminal neuralgia. I am still in a fair amount of discomfort and taking some heavy duty meds (and therefore can't drive.) I am hoping that being more diligent with my eating (and drinking!) will help my immune system rebound. Because of all this, I have also been unable to do much exercise, but now that the weather has cooled, I'm looking forward to doing some walking. I also do resistance bands at home. I still have some time to go on a "regular" gym membership, but after I have used that I am hoping to talk to a CrossFit trainer and see if a modified program can work for someone my age.

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Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada)

Age: 29

Married, twin girls aged 4.5 months

Occupation: Help Desk worker

Start Date: Wednesday, October 10

This will be attempt number 3 at strictly paleo. After a few weeks of really eating like crap, and a few months of crap eating, I'm ready to commit to 30 days. Not looking forward to sugar cravings, but that will hopefully pass.

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Hi all!

I'm Jennifer and this is Whole 30#2 (I did my first one in September and it was amazing. all kinds of health improvements including energy and mood regulation...also lost 19lbs.) I had to go out of town for a conference and just returned, so I'm looking to start another 30 days to help solidify these new habits. And my husband has agreed to join in the "fun." :)

I think I'm starting Wednesday 10th (I need to double check the fridge and be sure I can get through until I go to the store tomorrow afternoon...)

I was part of a thread in September and the support was really, really helpful - so I'm thrilled to have another one!



Reluctant Texan


Married, 2 boys (6, 3)

Marriage&Family Therapist, non-profit addict, grief support group facilitator

Starting 10/10 or 10/11 depending on the cupboards....

Yay for Whole30 success in October!

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Day 1 a success!

Easy win for the day... Normally I like veggies and hummus....but since hummus is legume based I found a great and delicious substitute that can be store bought or made from scratch quite easily... Baba ganough! Yum!

Betty Lake

Age 27

Twin Cities, MN


Start date- 10/9

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Greetings, everyone! Today is Day 1 for me. I've been eating primal/paleo for a few months now, but I'm still dealing with fatigue, digestive issues, infertility (my primary reason for going gluten-free and then primal) and binge-eating. (After I banished dried fruit from the house, my binge-food-of-choice became nuts, so for now, those are out, too. And it's a good thing that grass-fed butter is out, as well. ) So I thought a Whole30 would be good to try, as I'm really wondering if the dairy is the root of my issues, even if it is primarily raw milk and grass-fed butter (also whole-milk yogurt, but not raw or grass-fed.) I've actually been seriously considering doing a Whole 30 for a week or so, but I kept making excuses about when to start, which led to some nasty sugar binges (the horrible "I've gotta eat this while I still can" feeling.) So last night I signed up and had a long discussion about it with my husband (who, while eating vegetarian, has been very supportive of my dietary changes so far.) No backing out- here we are! Day 1- breakfast is done (kielbasa from grass-fed beef, fried plantains (green) and a small avocado), so we're off to a good start. I've been limiting myself to only one or two cups of coffee on weekends and none during the week, so I don't really miss it. I'm thinking I'll just keep off of it for my Whole30. It's kind of cold, though, so I've started drinking tea made from freshly-grated ginger. Yummy! Here's my general info:

Name: Kay

Location: North Attleboro, MA (southern MA, near Rhode Island)

Age: 33

Job: Speech-Language Pathologist in a private practice

Married/Kids: I'm married with three cats, but no children (working on that- that's why I'm here!)

Start Date: October 10th

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I am starting over today October 10th!

I had originally started on October 1st, but yesterday I'm afraid I slipped up. And since I really want the benefits the Whole30 is promising I thought I'd better start over. So depending on how you look at it, this could be a really good thing - I had 9 days of practice!

Name: Gwyndolynn (hence RedG is easier)

Location: Salt Lake City UT

Age: 35

Job: Just graduated law school and passed the bar, so I'm in a temporary contract job until I start my own practice

Life: Married, 2 kids, 2 dogs

Start Date: October 10th

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I started Oct 8th. Very excited to see if this will help to get rid of my migraines and help with my hormones! So, I'm starting day 3 and I'm exhausted!! CANNOT wait until I get more energy.

Name: Jackie




Life: Married, 4 kids

Start date: Oct. 8th

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Hello :)

Location: Canada (Alberta)

Age: 21

Job: Criminal Justice Student

Life: 2 kids from a previous relationship, today is actually my one year anniversary with my current partner :)

Start Date: Today! October 10.

Today is my day one and I've already hit a road bump. Normally, my breakfast consists of oatmeal, 2 eggs, and a glass of 100% natural Orange Juice. I'm hooped! Today I replaced the oatmeal with a leftover beet from last night... but I know that the OJ (while technically acceptable) is not the best idea. I'm a creature of habit... figuring out a new breakfast might prove to be difficult.

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I'm officially starting on Sunday. We have a crazy busy weekend, so I'm just making that my official day 1 so I don't have to re-start. This will be my second whole 30 having done the first in January after eating horribly over the holidays.

Location: California

Age: 43

Married, stay at home mom with 2 kids one in college, the other in HS

Start date: 10/14

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Hi all!

I started 10/8 and it's been interesting (to say the least). I'm defintiely going through the carb flu and my body is so so so mad at me for all my bad food choices I made in the past. Anyway, I previously ate a very high carb (lots of wheat) diet and not lot of veggies. My main reason for starting Whole30 is to combat pain associated with endometriosis, but am hoping to enjoy the side benefits of increased energy and mental clarity.

Location: Colorado

Age: 31

Job: pediatric audiologist

Life: living with my boyfriend and a pit/lab mix

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Day 2 a success!

Easy win for the day...I went grocery shopping and I only shopped from meat and produce! Felt good. Came home and chopped up veggies.

Because it is fall time...I am all of a sudden in the mood for soup! I have a bunch of recipes I will be trying over the next few weeks and any winners will be shared ( :

Betty Lake

Age 27

Twin Cities, MN


Start date- 10/9

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I've done one Whole30 already and I didn't finish it as well as I would have hoped - in that I mean the 10 day re-introduction. In any case since it's completion I went completely of the rails again. Since Sept 17th I have made many of the wrong choices and as a result have been eating and drinking less then optimal foods. I was supposed to start when I returned from holiday, then I was ill so I said to myself tomorrow and then monday and so and so forth and now it's October 11th and I still haven't got to it.

So, now..."IT'S ON!!!" I've got this!

Name (or Alias): Christiaan (aka or even; more commonly know as 'Stubz')

Location: Bristol, England

Age: 25

Married? Kids?: Single. No Kids. - When I'm more comfortable in myself and with myself then hopefully I can find someone. :-D

Job: Personal Banking Adviser

Start Date of Whole 30: October 11th

Good luck to one and all. I hope that we will be able to support one another.

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Hi Betty - Soup sounds great! I've been eating so much meat, like ribs/chicken/pork that I'm feeling overly stuffed. I usually eat very little meat, maybe two or three times a week - so having it at every meal is a bit overwhelming.

I think more fish is in my future!

But - can you share some of your soup recipies if they are tasty?



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Hi all, I'm Connie. I'm starting tomorrow. I plan to work from home tomorrow and start batch cooking. I need to lose 40 lbs, but my main reason is to get rid of reflux, sinus issues and to sleep better!

I have the books ISWF, Well Fed, Paleo Solution, Primal Blueprint...I"ve been playing around with Paleo for a time, lose 10 lbs, only to gain it back. I'm tired of the up and down wt. I'm hoping by joining a check in it will help me stay on track. I'm consisant with exercise (wts and cardio, have my own gym) but consistant with eating right. I also have a desk job and am making myself get up and move around more through out the day. We raise our own meat (farmers) so good quality beef and pork isn't an issue. I don't WHY I start/stop eating right. Well actually the main issue is not planning ahead and keeping food prepared. I'm looking forward to getting a better handle on this!

I live in Southern Illnois

52 yrs old

Data admin


hobbies-horse back riding and scrapbooking

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Hi all,

I'm starting tomorrow, 10/12. This is my 2nd Whole30. I started eating low carb a year and a half ago, moving to paleo in February. Altogether I have lost 85 pounds. I would like to lose 25 more.

My first Whole30 was great. I just did it in August and felt great when it was done. However, I started treating/cheating and it went downhill quickly. So I'm picking myself up, dusting off my butt and starting again.

Alias: Ereiam (anyone seen Brazil?)

Age: 44

Married with 4 kids (3 of whom are teenagers!!!)

Job: Teacher

Location: Colorado

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