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Anyone starting Week of October 8-14, check in!

Sarah Liz

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Day 6 here! Feeling good, except lots of gas. (TMI I know.) I have chronic constipation that has actually gotten worse since eating paleo. Less bulk I figure. But I've had a lot more gas than usual since starting this W30.

Hoping it passes... pardon the pun.

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Checking in this morning. Starting day 5...

This weekend will be tough since we have family arriving tonight and they will be here through next week. I know there will be criticism and pressure to eat off plan. It will be in the form of you don't need to lose weight so why are you doing this. (I actually would be happy to lose a little weight, but not why I'm here) and no one seems to believe me when I tell them I can control (eliminate) my really bad acid reflux symptoms with a proper diet. I'm actually leaving my whole 30 paper I have on the fridge and am hoping at least my dad will listen since he has been on reflux meds for years. (I doubt he will, but...)

Looks like everyone is doing great.

parismeli- good luck while you are on vacation. Just think of all the wonderful fresh fish you'll have available!

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Hi all,

I'm on Day 5 and feeling pretty good. I had a bit of a headache the last couple of days, but it seems to have gone away! I've been spending a lot of time cooking and am figuring out ways to cut down that time. I'd forgotten what it's like to feel full, but not bloated and uncomfortable. I have a feeling some of the foods I've "given up" will be on the permanent "don't eat" list!

Not having wine has been the hardest part so far. I work at a winery, so it's not possible to avoid it. Luckily, it's harvest, so I've been able to have a few grapes here and there!

Glad to hear everyone is doing well!


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Hey I'll join!

Started October 9th so i am on day nine.

Laura from Saskatchewan, Canada

I work for a weight loss and nutrition centre.

22, common law and a 2 yr old step daughter.

I had some crankys in the beginning just because my man isn't doing a whole 30 AT ALL and eats crap in front of me and I kinda of wanted to shoot him. But I'm not giving up so I won't give in. I was seeing the increase in energy and feeling nice and slim but then I got my period and just feel yucky and bloated! I know it will pass though.

Today I have not had a good mentality. I over ate. Whole 30 compliant food but not mentality. I really want to work on my emotional relationship with food during this, so I guess this is just a lesson I have to learn. NO MORE SNACKING WHEN NOT HUNGRY!!!

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Laura, I'm learning to work on my emotional attachments with food as well. I'm trying to focus my boredom, laziness, moods with working out, projects around the house, designing, etc. Hang in there!

How is everyone doing? So far things have been good. I haven't experienced any of the anger/headaches most people have when they start but I have had a few weird food dreams and the last two days I have been feeling super sluggish! I know this feeling will pass but man, I feel narcoleptic. Like any second I will just pass out!

Tomorrow I'm going to this brunch event that I bought tickets for long before I started w30. It's a competition between the restaurants that were listed in Washingtonian Magazine's best brunches so I can't really plan my meal ahead, nor do I want to *not* eat because these tickets were $50 a pop. My plan is to make the best choices possible, not sweat if some things are complant, don't go crazy over=indulging, and get right back on track once the event is through. Any other tips for tackling this event while not veering off track?

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