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We don't encourage snacking of any kind - your digestive system needs some down time between meals, and it is in that 4-5hr window that the body learns to tap into it's fat stores for fuel, rather than relying on a constant supply of sugar.

Stick with the recommended meal template, three times a day, the first within an hour of wakening. Add in pre & postWO meals as per the recommendations (protein & fat for pre, lean protein & starchy carb post), eat to the high end of the template in terms of protein (ie. two palm sized pieces or more) & you'll do fine.

Have a good read on the Whole30 for Athletes forum - pretty much anything you'll want to know will have already been covered there.

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I haven't done Whole 30 yet and I'm going to start in a week and a half, but did do paleo while trying to gain muscle and there are a lot of similarities. I agree with @jmcbn just to make sure you have your pre and post WO meals and you'll probably be fine. Something I really noticed when I did paleo was that overall I was less hungry when not eating sugar and so you might find that you aren't really hungry for those snacks anyway. 

I did notice and you'll see this in the forum that cardio for the first few weeks was insanely insanely hard. Couldn't seem to do much and weight training was hard, but for some reason lifting was easier than cardio anyway so I did much more lifting the first few weeks and added more cardio as my body got used to burning fat. 

The meals they have in the program tend to be higher protein and so I really think that's all you're going to need going forward and gaining muscle. I had a lot of success gaining muscle on paleo and will be weight training throughout this program. 

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